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Gen1 Blowing oil smoke after hard corners at Laguna Seca

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Need some help diagnosing new issue. This is the first time this has happened. After taking hard corners in lower gear (5-6K rpm), I am accelerating and when I floor it after exiting I am puking giant cloud of smoke from the tailpipes. This did not happen at Sonoma raceway. I am also getting oil on the breather, drivers side valve cover, which also did not happen before.

Is it possible I am filling up the top end and I am sucking oil through the valve stem seals? Why would this start happening now and not before? Or could I be sloshing oil up the cylinder walls and extra is getting into the cylinders.

The smoke clears right away after a slight hesitation while it is burning off but I have to resolve this issue as it is not acceptable and covers the car behind me in a wall of smoke and clearly something is not right since it has never happened before.

I do have a HV oil pump so this may be the issue, pumping too much oil into the heads with too slow drainage, just not sure why it just start happening at Laguna and not at Sonoma....
Post pics of your breather setup. Also, valve covers and are they baffled? Could be lack of drain back in the heads and your pushing oil. Could also be a directional thing since sonoma and laguna are mostly opposite directions, is the breather only on one valve cover?

Id bet you're pulling oil through the pcv though, is it on the passenger side?. Pull that and see if it's got signs of oil past your separator. If it's a track car I would be inclined to just run a catch can setup from both valve covers and not run a PCV .

This is how a lot of the vintage race cars are done just two baffled breathers and run a hose to a remote catch can.. Extending them up higher like this pic or the "R" model style is also something that is commonly done, and I would recommend.

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Where specifically was it on the track? I was following a '68 CA Special and he belched a gigantic cloud of smoke between turns 2 and 3. I thought he for sure blew up the engine. I talked to him later and he could find nothing wrong with it.

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