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S197 3V Boone's BBB '05 GT Optima & CAM Build Build Thread Profile - S197 Mustangs


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Fiona is back home. She got a little exercise before I picked her up. The dyno numbers are nothing real impressive, but what I would expect for a conservative break in tune on 93 octane. I'm thrilled that I now get to work out all the bugs, make scheduled repairs and improvements, and enjoy some time with my car.



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My X just passed the 200K mile mark. It has a blend of Ford parts:
2004 Harley-Davidson F250 instrument cluster
2005 Excursion Limited base truck with a 6.0
2007 Harley-Davidson dash
2008 Harley-Davidson badging (only year that didn't denote F250 or F350)
2010 model Harley Davidson front clip, mirrors, and rear bumper
400hp and 800 ft lb with a tune, EGR delete, CAI, and straight pipe exhaust gets the job done

I will accept offers at my funeral.200K Dash.jpg

200K Right Side.jpg


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On the Mustang front, final tune is scheduled for August 16. We'll see how much power Dan Desio of Pro Dyno can get out of this boosted combination. Before that happens, I'm going to take Sal's advice and put a high performance fan and shroud from the S197 GT500 in my car. I'll be running the fan and electric water pump to toggle switches on the dash to cool down after track sessions. I'll have three extra toggles available, and I have one reserved for a future rear differential cooler. I may hook one up to the fuel pump relay as a kill / theft deterrent switch. That would leave one switch to be named later.

Now that I'll actually be able to use my car, I'm hitting VIR with SCCA Track Night on August 20. Three sessions to see how the boosted motor performs from a cooling temps and IAT perspective. On August 21, I'm off to my hometown of Parkersburg, WV for an autoX, a round of putt-putt at Clown Golf, and a trip to Pizza Place. Golf with my brother in Charleston, WV on August 22. That's a pretty packed weekend when I figure I'll have over 12 hours of travel pulling all this off.


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I finally installed an NRG removable steering wheel, OMP HTE-R XL halo seats, and a rear seat delete. This is the first weight loss my car has seen in ages. It's a good thing I'm 6'-3", because my seat will not move forward from my optimal seating position with the door bars installed. I don't install the bars for autoX, so I can still use a second driver if I wish.

I'm still clinging to street car status so I have the three points and ASM four point harnesses still in the car. I am going to upgrade the ASM to six points now that I have the FIA seats.

I'll snap a few pics when I get a chance. It looks good, and it is snug. Can't wait to see how it feels to drive without using my knees to brace myself constantly.


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Finally posting the AutoX footage from the SCCA-Southern WV I attended. I had fun at the event, but it was even better that I had a cheering section of about a dozen friends and family. Unfortunately, no W for me, but I got to run against my nephew who fortunately did have an S550 Mustang in CAM. I offered the keys to my buddy, Steve Shaver, who is in the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame, but he said he wouldn't be able to lift for the corners. :hellyeah:

I still have a lot of work ahead of me. Three sessions at VIR proved I am going to struggle with IATs on a road course, even with E85. I truly enjoy the OMP seats. I feel so much more connected. I must say the Sparco sliders are as tight as they can be, and I don't feel like I'm losing any feel from them. The smaller, flat bottomed steering wheel will take a little getting used to, but I don't think I'll miss the cruise control.

Next step is to get an AFR module to log some stuff for my tuner. I think I'm getting rich on E85, and it's causing a drop in power at throttle tip in. It sure hits hard when it picks back up though. I ran the autoX with E20 in the tank, and everything was fine from a fueling perspective.
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I've been getting used to the boosted life, and I'm finally feeling like I made a good choice. I ran CMP on 93 octane in July, and it was depressing. IATs are sucking power to NA levels. Ran CMP again last weekend in 70 degree weather with a weekend supply of E85. Now we're talking!!! I'll post the new laps soon.
E85 is the sh!t.

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