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Boss engine oil ?

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302BOB said:
"corridor of death" is putting it mildly............

It's one of the reasons I stopped and sold off the TC's. I did take a lady to the airport in the Laguna. She liked it..rapid transit. Got a couple of odd looks at the airport though. My Mercedes was down and the two fusion energi's were out and about.
BigTaco said:
First of all, I thinks it's cool as hell that you have a boss out there on the Island!!

2nd of all, stick with 5w-50. Your boss needs this viscosity and the cam phasing algorithms are created with this oil viscosity in mind. Stay away form any advice that telling you to run one type of viscosity on the street and another on the track; pure rubbish. Run 5w-50 and move on to bigger and better things. I know that Mobil 1 and Castrol are available to you in the UK; if you can find Driven FR50, that's as good as it gets.

That being said, 10W-40 is actually thinner than 5W-50. Think of the first number (5W for example) as a golf score. The "W' stands for winter. The lower the number, the better/faster it flows when cold. The second number is the oil's viscosity at 100C. The higher the number, the "thicker" the oil. Make sense?


where does one find this FR50 oil?


Having more fun than should be my Boss
Shaun12 said:
where does one find this FR50 oil?

I use Amsoil......but the link will bring you to the Jegs site.
Shaun12 said:
where does one find this FR50 oil?

I purchase Driven from

I get by it the case to save money in the long run, I live in Northern Cali (Bay Area) so the Sparks Nevada warehouse is close by. That means free shipping (anything over $99) and it shows up the next day, even though it ships ground.
CrossBoss said:
The cars ran the "corridor of death", I-95 N.Y. To Boston with lots of July/August bumper to bumper traffic on the Van wyck Exp, cross Bronx, 95 Ct., G.W.B and were driven up to 1,500 miles per week. I would just change the oil when it was low a qt. and use that as a monitor.
That's a good name for these roads. I live in jersey and used to work at KIA and LA airports and traveled these roads a lot. Van Wyck and Belt Parkway were crazy roads.
Now Back to your regular schedule program on Boss engine oil....
Exp. Type
Exp. Level
10-20 Years
Detroit and dallas
how much use your boss in 1000 miles? my ghig use sometimes about 1q at 1000miles and the laguna never use oil.

i would use ONLY 5W50!!
My 12 boss doesn't use a drop of oil between oil changes not a drop and you need to use 50 weight oil the reason that they use that oil is to protect that engine at the higher RPM.

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