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Boss Torsen Differential

Hello all. I was surprised to see in print the following concerning the Torsen Differential on the Boss:

"An available Torsen limited-slip differential (standard on Laguna Seca Package) features high-strength carbon plates delivers the 444 horsepower and 380 lb-ft torque to a standard 3.73 ratio rear axle."

In my understanding, a Torsen differential is a purely mechanical device; meaning it has no electronics, clutches or vicious fluids but instead using an arrangement of gears. My question is as follows: what do you think is being described above? Seems more like a standard limited-slip to me.

The print article referencing the description can be found here:

Thanks :)


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
You're smart to question that text--because as you surmised, it's incorrect. The Torsen is gear-based, there are no clutch plates to wear out or deteriorate.

The Laguna Seca comes standard w/ the Torsen, and it's an option (combined with the Recaro Seating) on the "regular" BOSS302. If you do not get that option on the "regular" car, you get the standard Ford Traction-Lok LSD with carbon clutch plates (Same as in the '12 GT500).
Is the Torsen actually much better, other than avoiding wear? The import guys seem to like the clutched ones at least in the AWD cars. Mine had clutches in the back and helical in the front, from the factory.
ArizonaGT said:
CaliMR said:
Thanks. I have not played with the regular mustang rear end, and was curious if it was just marketing hype.

Definitely not hype, and for the price, one hell of a bargain, considering you get the Recaro seats as well.
There's magic in the Torsen diff. I'm continually amazed at how well this car hooks up and goes.

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