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Boss Transmission/Clutch Issues Poll Discussion Thread

What brand clutch did you get?

McLeod RXT

Did it solve the high RPM lock out? Permanently? Temporarily?

Yes, permanently

If "permanently", how many track days do you have on the replacement clutch?

Thanks guys. Also saw on another topic that pufferfish likes the SPEC stage 1. So SPEC, RXT and RST seem to solve the lockout and low pedal problem. Anyone gone to an aftermarket clutch and NOT had the problems solved?


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Looking to resolve 2-3 lockout issue on my MGW equipped Boss.

McLeod RXT clutch kit and flywheel = problem solved?

I haven't tracked mine yet, but am preparing for that fateful day when the parasites - er I mean kids are not draining my wallet to subsistence levels =D
I hate to say it (and I have no experience with the torque limiters) but that is not going to cure the lockout issue. It's a clutch thing - RST is what finally cured it for me and I wish I hadn't wasted money on other things trying to sort it out.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Thanks for the feedback, I think I'd rather wait a while longer and fix it right way rather that try and go cheap. Summit has 4 pages of results when filtering clutch kits by model;

Is the first hit on this list the one people in this thread have installed?

Manufacturer's Part Number:6912-25
Part Type:Clutch Kits
Product Line:McLeod RST Street Twin Clutch Kits
Summit Racing Part Number:MCL-6912-25


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10-20 Years
Yes, this is the cLunch kit I used. See the note about the flywheel.
Notes:For use with MT-82 transmission. Will not work with factory 9-bolt pressure plate flywheels. Crank relief must be 6.250" or smaller for correct disc to flywheel contact

I went with the lightened steel flywheel.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
It's a secret... ;)

...he sent me a DM about team beefcake running 15% off sales - but they aren't right now. I wouldn't mind throwing one of the TMO vendors some business if the price is right.
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Under 3 Years
Add me to the list of those suffering the sinking clutch pedal on the occasional high rev shift. Happened to me again today as I was pulling on a newer Mach1 on a straight away. No issues when doing some normal driving or long as I'm not up near red line.

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