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Carbon Fiber Cup Holder Door

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I along with some others I know have been miffed that no one offers a Carbon Fiber Cover for the cup holder door. I was messing around on ebay and found a guy that does custom carbon fiber plates. I corresponded with him and showed him some of the Stainless Steel cup holder door offerings for the Boss & Mustangs.
I explained that there could be a market for a carbon fiber door cover. He bought one of the stainless steel covers and has made a mold out of it. He ALSO does custom vinyl inlays into carbon fiber. He offered to do the Boss 302 inside the gel coat, but we went another route. Since my son plays golf for oSu, he wanted the Phantom Pete logo shadowed inlayed in the cup holder door. Here is what ours SHOULD look like.


If the quality this guy does is good, I will post and show it. He will already have the mold for the cup holder door, anyone could get what ever design inlaid they wanted. It is real carbon fiber weave that matches the carbon fiber console we got from Trufiber. He is making them .25mm thick, so they are thin and gel coated carbon fiber to a high gloss finish. It is roughly half the cost of the Stainless Steel ones you can buy.
Nice work!
So how much are they and who do we contact?
When I get mine in, I will post some pics. Don't want to give this guys info out if it turns out bad or anything like that. He has a very good rating on ebay and his communication has been spot on. He offers different colors of carbon fiber in the 2X2 Twill pattern. Add .75 per letter is what is site says. The whole panel will be about $50 including custom vinyl inlays. Originally, I was going to just buy the carbon fiber and cut it and shape it myself, but in our communication, I sent pics of the Stainless Steel ones available and he bought one to make a mold. He finished his mold yesterday, so mine should be ready next week. Thought this would be a cool relatively inexpensive add on for you guys that track.
congrats on your boy playing for one of the best programs in the nation. I went to walk on there due to coach McGraw but holder could care less. Love the phantom pete. Got a hoodie from the wife for Christmas.
Here was a progress pic of the one he was doing for me. Once I approved the vinyl on Friday, he was to gel coat it and clear coat it. Should be done, I expect and email and final pic today or tomorrow.

Pic of my prior to gel coat and clear coat. (looks exactly like I wanted it!)
He has one more coat of clear for mine and its done. I couldnt be happier. Just what I envisioned.
I will give his contact info out, since I now know he knows what he is doing and does quality work. Though mine was a fairly complicated design, he nailed it. I am sure he can do the artwork, but if anyone needs artwork for an idea your race number or what ever, shoot me a pm and I will do the artwork for you for nothing. I am sure Mike can do it as well though.
first, mine that has been gel coated and one coat of clear:
Logan & ForceFedCobra, if you want one just like this, I have no problem with it GO POKES!

Here is Mike's email number. I told him I was going to post contact info:
[email protected]

Hope to see some other cool cup holder covers.
I have been gone for a while since my father has been in the hospital 6hrs away for the last month. Got my cup holder cover little over a week ago and it is awesome. My son is flying in from Stillwater this evening so he will take it back and install it when he returns Sunday. I ordered some stickers from Mike as well and they arrived as well and the guy did a great job for me. Being his first one, I couldn't be happier. Took him a little while, but I was changing things and getting more stuff so it was to be expected. Here are some in hand pics. This thing is wafer thin, I am guessing about the thickness of 4-5 sheets a notebook paper. His vinyl inlays are awesome. It is perfectly enclosed inside the gel coat/clear coat with no ridges on the mirror smooth surface. Well done Mike!
Just a word of caution. The 3M VHB tape line is next to permanent. Very difficult to remove. They use this stuff on featherlite car trailers and we use it on some of our lighting products.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I'm in for one. Also where can one order this tape? Emblem tape I have found needs replaced every few years

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