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Cat Delete install question

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I'm finally attempting to install the cat deletes. Driver side was pretty easy. I can't get to the top bolt on the passenger side though. From the top side I'm using a bunch of extenions, but I can't quite get the socket lined up on the nut. I don't want to strip the nut. I can't see any way to get to it from underneith. I've got the car on race ramps. I have no lift. Does any one have a solution? I hoped to finish this before the Dolphins Patriots game. Go Fins!
Got the Cat Deletes installed. It sounds like a NASCAR. It might be too loud for me. I might reinstall the side pipe baffles to quiet it down. No CEL yet. I installed anti fowlers in front of the O2 sensors in hopes of tricking the computer. Car seems to pull harder at high RPM. I look forward to getting it to the 1/4 mile on a cool night.


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Yeah I had the deletes on my car. Way way to loud my ARH long tubes and off road x sound much better and just the right amount of volume with 1" plates on the side pipes.

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