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Check engine light?

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This morning on the way to work the check engine light came on. The car seemed to be running fine. The light did not flash, just came on. Interestingly, the track program enabled fine.

I had just used the windsheild washer when the light came on. I am not sure if this is important.

Other than taking the car to a dealer, the owner's manual does not seem to be very helpful. Plus, it is not possible on a Sunday.

Any help would be appreciated.
Go to a nearby auto parts store or shop, etc. (whoever would have a obd2 scanner) and get your codes read. Once you get the codes, post them up here and folks may be able to point you in the right direction (google is also helpful for this).
Check engine light is specifically for engine related issues. Windshield washer fluid level has its own light.

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