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Clear bra

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This is not a new topic but does any body have a good picture of one installed, I 've been hearing about them but haven't seen one yet.Would like to see one,maybe I'll buy one to solve my bug problem.
I'm not sure why you want photos because you can't see it. ;) Here's mine moments after the install and you can see some smudge marks from the install.



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you can see the line where it stops. there was a GHIG GT at the Cars and Coffee today owned by JLT. It has a clear bra. Just about everyone that walked up to it said "what's that?" pointing at the line where the clear bra ends.


2013 SBY #0750
Thanks Mike, I'll check it out. I had a clear bra on my red,06 Porsche Cayman S and you couldn't tell it was there,so I'm sure it depends on who puts it on
I bought this stuff then went to my local shop that the dealer uses they are a good shop and the first thing he said was dont ruin your car with that stuff. told me they all discolor over time and are real hard to get off sometimes even taking paint off with it? I dont know but it did scare me from doing it. started to use a good wash/wax and doing it myself and really do not have a problem anymore.
HIGHLY recommend! Here's mine after over a year on the car including 10 days on track getting hit with debris from Porsches as I pass them. I took a closeup of a ding the bra took that would have been a paint chip.
I really wanted this on my car contacted two local tint shops that are supposed to be the best in the area they both told me no that it costs them too much when someone wants it off and it pulls the paint with it? I thought it would be a great thing to help keep the paint ok but way too many people telling me to stay away from it?
Justin said:
the line sticks out to me like a sore thumb I just couldnt do it....looks like a huge scratch going across the hood
I think the "line" may be be more or less obvious depending on the paint color. In over a year not a single person has noticed the clear bar on my Boss without me pointing it out to them. It also didn't seem to bother the judges at the all Ford car show last April where I won 1st place out of 14 cars in the 2010 and newer class.
I also belong to the Porsche club and I'd say easily more than half of the people I know have installed a clear bra on their mega-buck new cars. The product on my car is 3M VentureShield and it was installed by a guy here in the DC area that does a lot of high end iron like Ferraris, Lambos, Maseratti etc.
Took him 7 hours to install on my Boss. Check out some of the pics in his "showcase". I think the the quality of the installation job makes all the difference. If you do decide to get one installed, do a lot of research on the installer. If you decide against it I certainly understand your concerns and they are valid. I went through the same comparing of pros and cons and the fact that my car goes on track weighed a lot on my decision. Track debris at 100 MPH+ is hell on the paint job!
I have had 3M's clear bra on my '98 Ferrari 355 since spring of 1999. Car is garaged, washed and waxed about 2x a year. Car has about 12,000 miles. Bra still looks like day it went on, no cracking or fading ...paint looks even. I've never attempted to take it off as I believe was recommended every 3 years or so back at the time. It seems like the same material the manufacture would put along wheel arches for thrown rocks ets. Late 90's porsche had a patch of this material on car body just in front of rear fenders as back of car was wider than front on the turbo cars.
Also put it on the daily driver 528i 75,000 miles and 2 years younger that car does spend alot of time outside in the elements, no fade, but the material does scratch up over time. A plastic cleaner and scratch remover like you would use on a plastic window helps to reduce this effect. But definitely not new looking. Also haven't had any reason to pull this off of the car...but that would be interesting. I had a few chips that I touched up and then later put the clear bra over. Still no defects or rust at these little spots under the bra. Wish I had been quicker at putting it on the BMW Chicago roads are tough.
The Ferrari is yellow, the BMW brilliant silver, haven't done it yet on the Kona Blue Shelby with vinyl stripes or on the about to be delivered SBY LSeca

The Ferrari dealer at the time wasn't too hot on this at the time and I believe in 99 still a newer thing. I noticed now they sell it as aftermarket $$$ The modern paints just seem to chip easier.
Had the clearbra installed on my car today.

Girlfriend took these pics. You can tell its on because of the stripe. But she said it wasnt quite as obvious in person as it is in pics.


It doesnt bother me that much. I would much rather not deal with rock chips.
Looks good Colt!

I.dont think im going to do one though...... I think for the money involved and the possible ill effects on the paint I could probably buy a new bumper in 5 years.

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