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Clueless dealer

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My dealer is a stick in the mud and extremely stubborn... actually I wonder if he even truly knows how to use the Vehicle visibility system. Looks like I am on my own???
Does anyone know the details about the "courtesy delivery"? How it works, how much leverage do I have if the dealer bucks me, do they have to comply with my "ship through" requests? I am thinking that it may be better to simply avoid delivery to the dealer that I purchased the Boss from. Decent dealer but they don't seem to know what they are doing or are unwilling to be helpful.... Plus they are 350 miles from me. Any help is greatly appreciated ;D FYI My vehicle went into production this week with an ~eta of August 10. Thanks JT-
I think you would have had to arrange the optional deliver instructions before the VIN and window sticker were assigned. Good luck trying to get it done now.
Rick, right you are! Called them and NO they can't change it from this point forward! :( I still have a hard time understanding why something of this nature can't be amended or changed if it isn't currently happening. I.E. if the car isn't even finished being built, why can't I change where it goes ???
they can call their zone rep and it can be redirected. this can be done at most anytime. most dealers do charge about $300 to do a courtesy delivery though.
Do you suppose there is a way to find out the zone rep and contact them directly? The dealer is unwilling to even try. BTW thanks for the info!
Dealerships aren't the only one's who don't have a clue. I called FCS today to talk about the problems I've had and the recent color debacle....they were of no help! I guess we all are at the mercy of Ford!

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