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clutch choice

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i have a thread going,concerning the dreaded 2-3rd lockout,and great Ford service tech giving the all go for a tranny pull.(he was riding shotgun and witnessed a 7400 plus lockout)he's agreed to me supplying an aftermarket clutch .mcleod rst seems to be in favour,but my cost(canadian)is a little steep.Boss will be on a lift next week,so i've got to make a choice soon.ACT FM13--HDSS HD/Perf street Sprung has been suggested,along with their flywheel. Mcleod states with their rst,you can use the stock Boss piece(but is that wise). the ACT is a single unit,which seems to bring down the cost.i'd like to know of this or other clutches that will live at's a street(back road banzai)-sometimes street legal drag radial,no slicks or hardcore tracking.opinions?
boss742 said:
Mcleod states with their rst,you can use the stock Boss piece(but is that wise).
McLeod states you can use the stock flywheel but they don't recommend it. The friction plate will not completely mate with the flywheel and eventually it will wear a groove. The entire McLeod clutch driveline is closer to the center line and for good reason. I've seen the parts mated to each other and I would never recommend it. If your budget is tight make Ford replace the stock clutch and you may get lucky and it will work properly. if not your car is still under warranty and they can do it again later. :D

First thing Monday morning call McLeod in California (PST) and ask for Bill or Bob Scheid. They will be able to answer all of your question.
thankyou for that information.will do.I must say, im on the fence with the factory clutch.even being covered by ford, if its the same game -fudged shift scenario, with more down time and hassle.i'd just rather go with something better, overall, as I 'm sure most of us would.these cars should be driven hard, not all the time, but be capable, the powerplant surely is.I've spent a wack lately on this deal, suspension , wheels, tires,ect,.ford dealership is going ahead with the trans, and this clutch is something I don't want to bang for many stock boss clutches are rev limit capable?.have not read ,or heard much on that one.
I have an Exedy twin disc complete kit with flywheel from Rehagen after going through three stockers at the track. I've only had about 5 track days on it, but so far it's working very well. It is touchy on the street though. If you're street driving, the stock clutch is probably going to be just fine, even with routine "spirited" use up to 7500 RPM. If you are planning to track the car regularly, you might as well put in a better clutch now because the stocker will fail after a few track events if you're pushing it. It's like the old Fram oil filter commercial....."you can pay me now or pay me later". ;)

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Keep in mind that the twin disk clutches are top of the line stuff and priced accordingly. Way better then the factory clutch imo. Most likely over kill. But that's what I went with.
I would say that a lower cost after market clutch will be better then what Ford came up with for the Boss. Lots of them out there, check out LMRs clutch line up .
But you do loose the clutch warranty with Ford so if it goes out you are on the hook. Thus overkill or stay with the Ford piece.
Now if one had a newly rebuilt transmission with a new stock Boss clutch. Break it in just right. If we had a good shift kit on this, the white line transmission bushing installed and the clutch assist spring removed it might work good and not void the warranty.
just found an old thread by 302 hi pro- boss302builder.his factory clutch went south with low miles.anyways,under inspection,the disc hub spring came loose part #cr3z-7b546-c,states that it is NOT BOSS SPECIFIC!.2012 gt has same clutch.also labled "made in turkey"-hey,its 2014,ya think that same part is still on ford's shelves,and if it's been tweaked..still a warrantee subject to ponder.


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I installed a STOCK clutch in my 1995 Mustang and it has 130,000 miles on it and just now needs replacement and I beat the hell out of that car in traffic. The stock clutches, though a little under rated for track use, are plenty robust for the street and designed to work well with the other components of the system. If this is a street car, have them replace the stock clutch and do the other things suggested. The stock clutch will give you many miles of trouble free service with the ability to handle the cars power plant on the street. Does Ford Racing have a clutch setup for Boss Mustangs?

Racing? Go with the dual diaphragm setup with a new flywheel but do it while they have it apart so that you save the labor of doing it later. More money in parts now will save money down the road if you decide to put it on the track.

My opinions having changed MANY clutches in my life...

just got back from the at the ACT lightweight flywheel and FM 13 HDSS clutch kit.done! very high quality, sfi, as well.rated over 600 ft.lbs.flywheel is a piece of mechanical art. all in, both for the same cost as the Mcleod clutch alone.the shop swears ACT sells itself.ive dealt with this shop for 30 years..I had to buy within a couple days, the RST was at best 8 days Boss is sitting on a lift at Ford.just could not feel at ease with the factory gt-boss clutch going back in .with more time (road trip, Monterey soon) and moola, the RST Mcleod , sure, but told i'l like the a review in early march.thanks all for your time, especially RICK. P.s.FORD will evaluate the trans internals- latest, this wednsday.


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If you buy a clutch and they install it due to failure of the stock clutch, they should give you the new Ford clutch and pressure plate in the boxes. You could then sell on Ebay or a Mustang Forum to recoup some of your expense. It is a $600 set so there is a good value there.
thanks Steve.i was thinking about the slave t.o bearing as well..i'm going to ask if i have to pay for that, as well as all new hardware,otherwise ,that will be a pricey Ford part.they were thinking internal trans issues.have to wait and see.i'll ask for sure. thanks.Mark.

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boss742 said:
thanks Steve.i was thinking about the slave t.o bearing as well..i'm going to ask if i have to pay for that, as well as all new hardware,otherwise ,that will be a pricey Ford part.they were thinking internal trans issues.have to wait and see.i'll ask for sure. thanks.Mark.

Good news on your new clutch selection. You should replace the T/O bearing as well, it rides or engages the pressure plate tines. Have you considered replacing the OEM plastic clutch fluid line? You should and FRPP makes the best one available. Lastly, you have to replace the flywheel and pressure plate mounting bolts as they are "stretch to torque" bolts, or one time use only bolts. (Note: your Ford dealer can order parts for your car by VIN, this way you are assured to get Boss only parts where applicable v. GT parts or vice-versa for your TP GT).

Good luck with your repair,
302 Hi Pro
Thanks mate.I've done the clutch line, the pedal extender, skip shift unplug,pedal assist spring removal.Mgw, redline fluid change, even pinion angle adjustment, Axle Exchange ds..all these additions did nothing EXEPT for the pedal -stuck to the floor issue was solved( i kick myself on this, 30 years ago, same problem).not installed yet, but have the Whiteline insert, and CHE k- member( I'll install those after the Ford trans service.)definately replace the T.O slave, and get Ford fasteners.I know the mt 82 can be notchy, so is the Tremecs that I have tried (thats just me) I think the m 82 is a decent trans. l, m convinced its mostly clutch, and trans mount issues.just like my old 4 speed m21 (crazy 12-1, 350 chev in 2 door post 70 tempest.) Power shifting into 3rd, same deal, solved by drivers side solid motor mount, better hurst shifter, and clutch.,,, well, now I have a bunch of cool parts.
Do the clutch kits come with a throwout bearing and pilot bearing or do you buy Ford parts?

Also, does anyone have the Ford part numbers for the flywheel to crank bolts?

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