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crap in coolant

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So I have been noticing more and more of this black flake jinx in my reservoir. Any ideas? It looks like a coating is coming off some metal part, or Maybe the hose is bad? I am hesitant to go to a dealer and let a monkey in the car, but if this is the junk in the reservoir I am being there is more caught in the radiator grid. I am thinking of demanding a warranty radiator flush, but maybe I should demand a new radiator? I do have to go in for a radio bezel issue anyways...


Grant 302

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When I put the Boss oil cooler on the GT, I had some crap just like that come out with the fluid. Didn't see any of that in the degas tank before that, but I just put it all back in since I didn't want to bother trying to filter it out.

My vote is that it's normal, possibly some paint flaking off an internal part. If it bothers you, you could try a turkey baster to suck out the offending material.
My phone is dumb, jinx=junk...

That does sound like a safe route. I can suck out the junk now and in the spring I can drain and run straight filtered water for a while and see what happens. I guess I am being overly paranoid thinking the junk could clog the radiator. I imagine they designed it to avoid that happening (like necking the tubing, sharp edges for junk to catch, etc...). Ford must have a quality issue with some part in the coolant path.
I had something similar happen to my 2011 GT. The thermostat went bad on it, however, I wasn't able to get a decent answer from the dealer about the particles in the coolant (yours looks exactly like my '11 did), so whether or not it's truly related, who knows...I had them flush the coolant system, but it didn't remove the particles stuck to the inside of the overflow reservoir, although there were no more particles floating around in the coolant and no more particle buildup.
ArizonaGT said:
You should see what coolant etc looks like when you don't flush the system yearly...GROSS. I'd say that's normal.

Yep, just like so many ten year old cars on the road with ten year old brake fluid still in it, the coolant has also never been changed :eek: OP, like Drew said it is most likely normal, I do see this in my Boss.
Reminds me of a Datsun B210 we had in the late 70s, had a radiator leak and we poured a bunch of pepper in the radiator to clog up the leak. It did slow it down almost completely, but smelled like soup or stew when we drove. :p Eventually the head gasket blew and I learned to drive a stick back and forth in the driveway till it went to the


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