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Custom BOSS Identity Plates

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These are now available for order:


They are $30/Each, and that includes Shipping in Handling.
You will receive the Aluminum Plate with your Information, as well as a High Resolution .jpg file (emailed to you) with your info.

ORDER HERE: (If you want more than 1 plate, please edit the Quantity after you hit add to cart).

PLEASE NOTE: We will send your JPG Graphic version first to make sure everything is correct before producing your plate. Please verify it is correct by responding to the email.

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]
Justin, thanks for putting this together. Are we good to order now?

Now a sticky.
We are good to order now...

As far as the Laguna Seca Versions go, I am still working on those, but hope to have something soon. I will post images of possible designs so that we can get approval from everyone before I put those up...
Vehicle numbers for LS are LSXXX aren't they? I thought I saw that once. If so, then the spacing on the number may need tweeking since it is 5 digits.
How many letters fit for driver name? Mine is 22 letters including the space between 1st and last name. I guess I could use a nickname.

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