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Double Trackdaze Events, VIR Full Course, May 4-5th and June 8-9.

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Found this nice vid of a 302r doing the full course. Should get you pumped up. That thing sounds like our vehicle but just plain mean. I love it.

It turned out to be a superb weekend of tracking. The first session on Saturday was all rain (which was interesting to be nice) but it quickly dried up sunny for 7 subsequent sessions. There were at least 5 Boss’s including a blue 2013 in my group on Saturday, several Cobras and other various Stangs. There were a couple of ZO6’s in my group that were speedy, and a couple of old Datsun 240’s. That I6 carburetor engine is sweet. Needless-to-say, we had fun. I'm running stock suspension with camber plates, slicks, brakes. Fast time of 2:16.xx. The car is a beast.

further said:

The last three laps chasing the Z06 is worth checking out.

Ok, so now that I know the rules, the only thing keeping that Z06 from giving you a point by was pride. You were eating him up. I would have been pissed (in a good way) about that.

I only got to play with a Z06 for a little bit before she was moved up to the blue group.

It was great to meet you! Thanks for loaning me the tools. I'd love to watch your most recent vids but they are showing up as private. said:
I got my feedback from my instructor. Seeing this was way better than seeing any A+ in school:

Way to go Bobby, sounds like you're hooked. Hope you and your wife had a blast.
Thanks for the vids. They helped me get my fix, haha. I gotta see about getting a gopro before the next event. I really like the mix of cars in the blue group by the way. I want in on that as soon as the higher powers see fit.

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