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Mustang Challenge Race #1 & #2 Mid Ohio Sportscar Course June 8-9

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Lenoir City TN
It looks like Ford Performance is only live streaming race 1 and 2, not qualifying. I don't have Peacock plus to watch on IMSA TV. I guess I wait until this afternoon for the race. Well back to work on my truck for awhile.


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Race 1 on YouTube. No audio for initial several minutes for some reason, and a bit glitchy a few other times.

I'm terrible at remembering names and/or deciphering forum handles - who are we cheering for?

Do they really need to show the manufacturer on the scoring pylon for the Ford Performance Mustang Challenge? Do they do that for the Mazda MX-5 Cup races, too? I realize time gaps aren't very useful under FCY, but they could do something interesting, like home state of the driver. Then again, Ford is sponsoring the whole thing, so it's marketing.

Ten minutes into the race, S650 rear toe links go on national backorder as every team buys spares.

I still think the S650 headlights make the Mustang look way too much like the Camaro in head-on shots.


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Arizona, USA
Lotta bumping and grinding in that race! Great for spectators, tough for competitors! @Black Boss got a lot of screen time in the second half of the race, looked like a good fight for the podium in DHL!
@blacksheep-1 did Lee blow his motor
None of our guys did, father and son named Randall and Christian Bach. Christian got spun while in 9th, but got back up to 13th, which is where here quallied.
The schedule was crazy, between Mustanf challenge, VP race, GS quallie and something else, it was one after the other for me. I have no idea what happened to our guys in MC.
Good to see Steve and Black boss do well, met several folks from TMO as well.

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