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driving shoe alternative

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I'm going to track attack in Oct. and would like to make sure I don't wind up wearing a pair of shoes that make it a less than positive experience. I'm not going to race my car so buying a pair of shoes for one day seems like a wast of cash to me. Is there a shoe that would work for racing that isn't a driving shoe, ie skate board type of shoe, hiking shoe?


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Wrestling shoes seem to be becoming more popular. Something low cut with thin (thinner)soles so that you can feel the pedals. Sketchers makes several shoes that also work very well.

I've been know to wear narrow running shoes. Nothing too wide as you want to be able to heal /toe without catching your big feet up in the pedals.


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I prefer higher ankle support, just a preference. I agree optimally you would want a thin sole, lightweight and as narrow to the foot as possible. That said, If you really don't plan on doing a lot of track driving I would not focus on this too much, just stay away from anything too wide or heavy on your feet. Lots of guys just use a decent pair of cross trainers to drive with - I prefer New Balance for their fit for everyday use for me, they work well for wide feet (like mine ;D ) and have very good arch support. On the track I've used Piloti and Simpson racing shoes. Take a look at Piloti or Oakley on, they have shoes that can easily do double duty as an everyday shoe also. They have some of the attributes of a racing shoe but can be worn off track also.

Maybe something like this:
I have wide feet (4E), so my street shoes don't work in most manual cars. I picked up a cheap pair of the Puma driving shoes, they don't seem to have a model name on them but they are the low top ones. I wear them any time I drive anything manual, and when I only had one manual car I kept the shoes in the car. They are ok street shoes too, I know people who are trendy and they all have pairs just for casual use, but they are too narrow for me personally to use for extended walking sessions.

Looking online, they may be the Speed Cat. They are not fire proof. Fast Cat are not suede but seem to be similar and cheaper.

I have Simpson racing shoes too, but I only use them on the track and I swap them to regular shoes when I am not in the car. Racing shoes are not designed to be walked in a lot, even the pro racers I know swap them out when they have to walk around because otherwise they fall apart.
I might just dig out my old wrestling shoes from high school. Although there are some pretty good links in this thread..
If you're looking for something in your closet you want a smooth soled shoe like a basketball shoe.


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Definitely get something that is comfortable and allows you to have good pedal feel. I've gone through a number of pairs of wrestling shoes as well as a bunch of Puma shoes (most notably the Pit Cats which are discontinued :mad: ). I ended up using a pair of Puma running shoes because they are lightweight and fairly narrow.
Thanks for the help guys. I wound up with a sketcher type of shoe that I can wear after track attack and not look like I'm going to a wrestling match. As I mentioned I won't be racing my car so no need to buy a pair of racing shoes. Thanks again.
I use a pair of well broken in Justin cowboy boots. Narrow slick sole and great for heel and toe driving.

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