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Enkei PF01s and Tire Selection

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I have decided to move away from the stock 19 inch wheels. Thinking of Enkei PF01s; 18x9.5 +45mm on front and 18x10.5 +38mm on rear. The PF01s are in the 21, 22 lb range and not too expensive for a race wheel. For tires/sizes, thinking of NT05s; 275 40R18 front ( or 35R18) and 295 35R18 rear. As a side note, I have not done any suspension mods yet, but will be adding MM camber caster plates. Comments, thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
While the Enkei's are fine wheels there have been some 18x9.5" that have broken spokes when used on Mustangs. I would not buy any new Enkei wheels because of this. If you have a set keep a close eye on them. Your better bet is to go for a set of Apex. If you're keeping lap times and want to go as fast as possible consider squaring up your setup with either 18x10 or 18x11 on all four corners. The Nitto NT05's are not the best track tire so I'd look at other brands as well. The NT01 is a fantastic track tire that is fairly fast and lasts a long time.

Grant 302

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I agree with all of Rick's comments, especially about the 9.5" PF01s.

I think NT05s are suitable for more street/track use. There are certainly better options for track-only/street legal use.

Grant 302

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Also want to add that 18x10 will clear all or most setups, but the 18x11s need spacers and long studs (up front). There's a separate thread about the fitment for the 11s.
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I had two sets of the Enkei PF01 18x9.5 and had no issues with cracking at all. You can run a 285/645/18 tire on them all day long. I did. They were for track use only, so i have no clue on daily use for them. Most prefer a square set up. If your buying new there is a lot options out there. Depends on how much you wanna spend.
I've read that the Ford engineers say the Boss suspension was engineered to work best with the stock staggered setup. If I square it up, should I modify the suspension? I will probably get to the suspension eventually, but wheels first.
The stock Boss suspension is designed to use a 30mm stagger between the front and rear tires. Moving to a square setup is as easy as changing the rear sway bar. Stock is 25mm and most use an 18 or 20mm bar. They can be purchased for <$100 and are an easy install.

FWIW I also had and used Enkei PF01 18x9.5” wheels on the front of my Boss and didn’t have any issues. That doesn’t mean I’d buy them again. There have been enough failures that there is no reason to buy a set with better options out there like the Apex wheel.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
I've read that the Ford engineers say the Boss suspension was engineered to work best with the stock staggered setup. If I square it up, should I modify the suspension? I will probably get to the suspension eventually, but wheels first.

Yes and yes. If you're keeping the stock springs, the adjustment to go square can be as easy as changing the rear bar like Rick suggests. If that's the only thing you're changing, I think a 22 to 24mm with either the OEM Boss or T springs. 22mm +/- for most aftermarket handling/lowering springs and 18mm +/- for higher rates usually used with coilover kits.

I had two sets of the Enkei PF01 18x9.5 and had no issues with cracking at all.

The issue with the Enkei 18x9.5" is pretty bad. The multiple failures could have been limited to a batch, but I kind of doubt that. The cracks I've seen seem to show a casting defect called 'cold shut' where to streams of flowing metal are not hot enough to properly fuse/join. This is an error in their manufacturing process, even if it is limited to this rim model and size, and that alone would make me stay away.


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I have run both the Nitto NT-05s and the NT-01s on track. Both are much better than stock. The 01s are much better than the 05s. If I was to do it over again, I would skip straight to 18x11s with NT-01s at 305 square. Beyond that, slick takeoffs. Spacers cost between $75.00 and $125.00 for a set. Studs for the front in the $100.00 range. Although I would skip just studs and buy front hubs with ARP studs. OPM. Got to love it. Hopefully we can save you some money by avoid our mistakes.
Thanks gentlemen, excellent info. Decided to square it up. Got a set Apex 18x10s on order, Cyber Monday saved 10%. Thanks Grant302, I owe you. Swaybar has been added to the list. Since I plan to eventually lower her, sounds like the 18 or 20 mm might be the right choice. As for tires, I run with 6 to 8 buddies at about 5 or 6 track events a year. All have used R comps, but only one still does and he kicks our butts. The others have all had an Oh Sh** moment with Rs, two have rolled their M3s. On the other hand, I hear Rs are where its at and I'm eager to give em a try. It may come down to driving or trailering to the track. 285 or 295s? Brake cooling ducts may be in the way. Aspect ratio? 35s roll less than 40s I assume. But I do like to use the curbing.

Grant 302

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Thanks Grant302, I owe you.

:) Just glad to help @SPDBOSS ! I like to spend Other People's Money!!! :D

Almost as fun as spending my own.:rolleyes:

I like the way 275/35 fits on a 10 wide rim (better response from sidewall control), but you might get more total grip with the 285s. I think taller tires work better in most cases with the stock 3.73 gearing. Picking 35 or 40 series comes down to personal preference as both have pros and cons.

And welcome down the slippery slope of mods! Definitely get the brake ducts too.
I've put my Apex wheel order (18x10) on hold because I'm reconsidering the 18x11s. My thinking is that I will have more tire choices, from 275 to 305. The 10" would allow a minimum of 265, which doesn't interest me. Would I need spacers for all tire sizes with the 11" or only with the larger sizes (295, 305)? Also, I've spent some time reading past posts. Y'all are a wealth of great information. Thanks.

Grant 302

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Yes, you need spacers up front just to clear OEM strut body with the 11" Apex rim. With OEM struts ~20mm to 25mm is typical for a 12"+ tire carcass width. Exact spacer needed will depend on camber settings too.

With the CorteX offset I'm using a 3/16" (~5mm) spacer and should clear up to ~ 12.4" overall width tire. The wheel alone needs at least ~1/8" to clear the strut body.

Mad Hatter

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Definitely go for the 18x11 Apex wheels!! You have more flexibility and wider tire choices.... they REALLY do make a difference!!! We are the Hoosier reps here in Chile and now all the fast cars are asking for 335's after seeing the results....


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I have been reading all the info you guys have been throwing out and I am impressed with the knowledge that is shared. Thanks for helping us noobs from wasting our money.
This thread is right on the point of what I am looking for my 2012 Boss.
I've been sliding around on stock rubber for five years, time to move on.
Here is what I have so far on the car.
Suspension: Vorshlag CC plates, stock struts & shocks w/Boss 5300T springs, Whiteline Sway bars
BMR lower control arms w/relocation brackets, Whiteline Watts Linkage, ARP studs all around, brake ducts.
Looking at the Apex C7 18x11's and use 315/30 Rivals all around.
Will this work without massaging fenders?
I'm fine with running a spacer up front, any advice where to get a quality spacer?
I do drive some on the street, main use is autocross. Might give BIR a go.
Thanks in advance for your input.
@xr7 welcome to TMO. Your comments are appreciated and spot on. There's a lot of experience here and many of us spent a lot of money to get to the end game. It's a lot less expensive in the long run to go straight to the end game and skip the middle steps. The best way to improve your times, besides more seat time, is to put big fat sticky rubber on your car and the Apex 18x11 wheels are a great place to start. Others will hopefully comment about the specific spacers needed and @APEXRaceParts can also help you with that.

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