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Executive Order Label

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Hi All

So its been a month now since I had the Trackey installed and still waiting for the E.O label. Called Ford racing twice now the first time they said they will send one out right away and today they say it will go out in Decembers shipment ( i think he just wanted to get me off the phone )

So whats your experience with this issue.
Hey Boss 1309 did u get the trackey installed at Dixie Ford. If yes was there any issues or was it a smooth deal. How is the Trackey. Is there a noticeable difference in the way the car drives and idles. Hopefully the Stang is sleeping for the winter now.
I had TK installed the first week and have not recieved my EO decal. I called FR last week and they checked my VIN. They had no record of TK being installed on my Boss and asked me to call the installing dealer. I called the dealer who called FR and they got it straightened out. I should have my EO decal within two weeks.
Yea Dixie Ford did the install, it was the first one they did . So I had to educate them a bit. During the install the whole dealership lost there internet connection, so it took some time for their I.T people to get it sorted out. All in all they were pretty good . Talk to Kevin in the service dept.

As far as the Trac key goes I think it completes the car. Its something you have to have because its there.

I am sure that my E.O label issue is not over yet .I have a call into the dealership who did the install

Grant 302

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BOSS 1276 said:
2012YellowBoss said:
ArizonaGT said:
I am also waiting for my sticker, but I don't really care if it comes or not.

You guys can have mine!

Mine's still in the padded manila envelope.

Mine is still in the envelope too...with the rest of the original wrapping/protection I took at delivery. Came a couple of weeks ago.

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