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Factory and Independent Boss 302 Trans-Am History

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This is a very good site with the history of all of the 1969 - 1970 Boss 302 racecars and more!

There is also an interview with Donald Farr promting his new book

Q: Your new book is titled: "The Return of the Baddest Mustang". It implies that the book is more targeted to the owners of the new Boss 302. True or false?

A: False. That was Motorbooks’ original working sub-title, which was used in early promotional material. I felt that it made the book sound like it is only about the new Boss 302, not to mention that fact that the Boss 302 doesn’t really qualify as the “baddest” Mustang, what with Boss 429s in 1969-70 and 800hp Shelby Super Snakes today.

So I’m working with Motorbooks to come up with a sub-title that reflects the fact that the book is a history of the original 1969-‘70s and a documentation of the development of the 2012. There wouldn’t be a new Boss 302 without the great history and racing heritage behind the original.

Q: Which new topics or chapters will it contain? Build sheets, production details, rare finds, T/A and A/S Boss 302, more production details, people interviews?

A: Basically, the book follows the format of the original, with five more chapters added for the new Boss, including the Boss 302R. There are a lot of new 1969-70 photos, both historical and more recently of low-mileage examples (thanks to Bob Perkins!). I’ve become acquainted with a retired Ford engineer, John Kranig, an original 1970 Boss 302 owner (he still has it!) who acquired 1969-70 engineering paperwork from Don Morgan, a retired engineer who worked on the Boss 302 program.

John was kind enough to allow me into his home to make copies of pertinent information for the book, like the actual memo from the meeting when the Cleveland heads were approved to replace the Tunnel-Ports. There was a lot of insight in the paperwork to help me better understand the timeline and how the 1969-70 Boss 302 was created and developed.

Read the rest on their site.......................................

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