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Fast Tow Hook / Tow point install


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Amazingly there is no screw in Tow hook on 2019 GT and real tow hooks all seem to need the bumper cover to be removed then hook installed which is quite a bother. I will add it to the list when my GT get gutted into a racecar. But for now I need a fast tow point to do a trackday to get the feel of what my GT can do. Hope this helps someone else.

So if you get a cheap master cable lock about 18" x 1/4" not real secure one you can use it as a tow strap. It is not ideal but gets you through your day. If the truck pulls sideways you might damage the vent plastic in the grill. But for simple hot tows in mostly a straight line it will get you through a casual trackday. The holes in the grill are about 1/4" and you just thread the cable through and around the steel beam between headlight and radiator core support and lock it. When the cable is fully extended it is pulling on the steel which is the support for a good tow hook. The full extension puts the truck hook about 10" from your bumper. When retracted the cable looks like a typical 2" tow ring.

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