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Firestone Indy 500 Firehawk

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His name literally means 'water-land,' lol. Rain driving is not that bad. You just have to train it.
Andrew lapped the field in GT2 at Homestead, on slicks, in the light rain. One of the best drives I have ever witnessed, I ran karts in many rain races, but for HPDE... I'll pass
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For HPDE, no way. It takes _way_ too long to clean the car when you're done even if you don't go off! At a race weekend, only practice if it's threatening to be a rain race. For testing, belt up...
I’ve done one event in the rain at the Milwaukee mile with the firehawks they weren’t the worst I did do a lot of slidding coming out of the hairpin but it was well controlled and didn’t seem to dangerous and when it was really chucking it down I do lose it coming into turn one but I was able to keep it on track just slowed up the rest of time. But for the money on dry days I think the fire hawk is pretty good especially if your not worried about time and just having fun
I had followed the advice given by Bill. I called Luke at Tire Rack, very helpful man. He said for what I described I would do with the car the Firestones were tough to beat at the price point and would be a good choice for cruising and an occasional track day if I grew the stones to try it. A good all around tire.

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