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Fluidyne Boss 302R-Hx radiator

Domestic Product

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OK, any body interested in these ? I am. I have traded emails with Gary the owner of Fluidyne. Have invited him to come on board BMO as a member and join in. He is open to this idea, but I'm sure he has limited time and there is so much out there that is just static on line.
I can not find any information on this unit and its not on the Fluidyne web site.
I would like to know the design, does it get rid of the stock oil cooler, options, does it come with that fan, what are the installation requirements/instructions and what temps are they seeing at the driving school with these installed as designed ?
So to that end I think if Gary sees some real interest from us here it will move him to join in . If you are interested please give Gary a quick note saying so and let him know you are from BMO. [email protected]
If we get him on board I'm hoping for a possible group buy.


Having more fun than should be my Boss
steveespo said:
I am interested in this setup. Fluidyne does a lot of NASCAR work and is quality stuff.

+1. It would be nice for Gary or another rep. from the company to become involved here. They list a couple of options for 07-13's with manual transmissions.......but perhaps they have developed something special for those of us who track their cars?


Grant 302

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Domestic Product

Big fat tires and everything !
Well we have 4 of us interested. I was hoping to get like 10 or more to get them thinking about a group purchase. So six to go, remember to email [email protected] I will keep on him to post here and tell us what this set up is all about.


Ford Master Technician
That is the radiator that John (LS110) has. It fit nicely and I was able to make a lower radiator hose out of a upper hose from a ford taurus 24v engine. I just hooked up the oil cooler portion of it and had fitment issues with the fitting just below the cooling fan. I had to rotate the oil cooler around and move towards the driver's side about 2.5 inches for the oil pressure line to hook up to it. Other than that fitment issue it is an awesome radiator

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