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Focus ST long term ownership questions

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Thinking of buying a used '13 ST (ST2) and selling my 2012 Focus SE. Just thought I would ask here if anyone has had any issues with theirs approaching 100k. The used ST I am looking at is around 70K, I commute about 20k/year, so it will climb quickly. I was told oil changes were always at 10k with FOMOCO oil and he seems like a trustworthy guy. Car has a few cosmetic issues as expected with this area. Including the yellow seat fabric looking dingy. Seems like a bad idea to use yellow on a surface that will get dirty no matter what you do but what the heck, boy racers love it, right? Fuel economy will definitely be less, I can get 37mpg average (winter and summer, 70-80mph, 38mile commute) in my SE. Probably 32-ish in an ST but it might be too much fun to get that :).

What I am concerned about is carbon buildup in the GDI engines, especially with a turbo... But a cleaning seems to be a normal fix and that is not so big of a deal to do. At least the intake manifold is in the front and easy to get at. I am wondering if anyone here has had any significant issues. Most of you gents take better care of your cars than I suspect most owners do, so that is the only reason I am here instead of the usual ST forums.

In short: what mpg are you guys seeing, and what are your impressions with the engine long term?


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