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2020 Ford Explorer ST

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Grant 302

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Wish that were possible or practical. I lost the ST battle when we bought an Edge over the Memorial Day weekend. Did get the panoramic roof like I missed from my '11 Edge Sport and the holiday weekend incentives were pretty good. Briefly considered waiting for the 2020 Explorer...but for the upcoming Hybrid.
The V Wagon is getting traded in on one of these for my daily this weekend. Drove one on Friday. It’s not as fast as the V, but still fun to drive and 10 years ahead in terms of tech and safety. And 3rd row!

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In the V6L
I picked up a 2018 Explorer Sport about a year ago and the Autoblog review sounds like my experience of the Sport. The Sport has 365 HP and tons of torque from the 3.5 EB engine. It also has a beautifully tuned suspension that's a little firmer than the Explorer Limited we had previously, and it's perfect for highway drives on twisty roads - we have lots of those here and the suspension is very confidence inspiring. Our Sport is also lighter than the new ST by about 200 pounds and while the new car's advertised fuel economy is better, I'm guessing it'll be about the same in the real world. What was a surprise with the Sport was that it was around 10% easier on gas than the Limited, presumably because of the taller final drive ratio that the high torque EB enables.

My point in all this is that the Explorer product line is a real gem in Ford's lineup - they're famous for the F150 and Mustang, but the Explorer is about as close to perfect as you can get. I live in a neighborhood where everyone seems to have dumped their BMW X cars to get a new Range Rover or a Porsche Cayenne. Heck, there's even a couple of "the other RR" SUV's running around here. But, I look at those cars, and while they're lovely, I just don't see the point in the higher priced iron - the Explorer is a real winner.
Went through with the deal.

Timing was right on the V Wagon (almost 80K miles) to get best value for trade and while it was on of my favorite cars I have ever had for daily driving, I am not going to miss the tech that was stuck in the mid 2000s on it.

I get extra space, 400HP and 415TQ in the Explorer ST and a quantum leap forward in terms of technology for driving and infotainment. And I’ll be honest the massaging seats are pretty amazing.

While not as quick as the V and on the edge feeling it still hauls the mail. Is fun enough to drive and will make it so my front seat passengers are no longer squished because rear facing car seat.

I think I am gonna like this one as my daily.


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Nice looking ride. 400HP for a SUV is amazing.

It is!

It lags just behind the Durango SRT in the 1/4 but with far superior handling and driving dynamics. And having owned a ‘15 Durango R/T I’ll give the infotainment and the rest of experience a level up in this new explorer platform.

The Durango is better at “truck things” (towing heavier loads) but I think this beats it in all other aspects.

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Bill Pemberton

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Since I have sold Durango and Grand Cherokee SRTs for years, it was nice to see the Explorer ST join in the fray of fast , fun , American SUVs. Definitely a nice looking ride, great interior, and would have to compare it more towards the Grand Cherokee than the Durango ( Jeep is a killer rig ), but the pricing comes in quite a bit less than the others. That, frankly , is the Explorer's big advantage in the performance SUV wars , I would imagine?


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You use to be able to tell the difference between a SUV, a Crossover and a Minivan but somewhere along the line someone threw them in a blender and they all look pretty much the same as far as looks go. It's getting harder and harder to tell them apart unless you're on top of them. I can't help think that this was inspired by the "everyone gets a trophy" generation. At least my Boss still and will always look like a mustang.
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I have owned 3 straight Grand Cherokees (Overland, SRT, now Trackhawk) and in 5+ years all 3 combined spent way less time in the shop than my 2017 Focus RS. Actually, it's not even close.
We had a ‘15 Durango R/T before trading it in on a certified used ‘16 Yukon Denali XL a year ago. Personally I found it to be a great truck. Towed like a champ when I took it from my wife to tow the Mustang to the track and was very reliable for the 3 years we had it. We got it out of it for more space for her.

I find this 2020 Explorer to be a more dynamic driver with nicer interior and better tech, but it is 5 years newer.

If the track hawk had 3 rows I would have thought about it and the Explorer ST is a performance bargain relative to the Durango SRT and Trackhawk. Though not at all inexpensive.

Happy to be back in the Ford family with the Explorer ST and hoping in 3 years when my lease is up I’ll have lots of great choices in great performing electric vehicles.

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