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FOR SALE-Stock Side Pipe Baffles!!

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Resident Mental Patient
Okay, they are not for sale, but they will never be used again.
WTF was Ford thinking putting these in a car that has such a harmonious exhaust note that the world needs to hear? If you haven't taken yours out yet, get off your ass and do it now! 5 minutes per side and it is like seeing that hot chick you've been dating naked for the first time. ;)


I agree the baffles are easy to remove. I opened the factory ones up to .75, then purchased a piece of sheet metal and made some that were just over 1". That was better than out completely in my opinion, the sound is to flat with them out for my taste. Now I removed the H-pipe side exit for an x-pipe and muffler deletes, and I'm much more happy with the exhaust.


Resident Mental Patient
Fomoco302 said:
Wide open. Go BIG or go home ! :p

When I picked my car up at the dealer it had 3 miles , a tankful of premium, tracKey activated , and I made it half way home before the disc's fell out ! (I stopped at work and removed them on the way home) , I have 3/4" holes in them now , only because my unibit wasn't a 7/8" !
My dealer put the car on the lift the second my papers were signed and removed them for free. The sound of this car is what I get the biggest compliment on from all the brand X guys, and Shelby guy's with stock exhaust.


Resident Mental Patient
I spent a ton of money and time on my '04 GT to come up with the "perfect" sound. The Boss trumps what I had:

Completely agree. Dealer took mine out before delivery. Then I added Roush Extreme A/B's.
Loved the sound for the past 11 months.

I took the Cats off and replaced with Jegs Cat Deletes. REALLY loud on decal. I could still live with it and use the clutch more on decal, when I had to.

THEN, I added AED Tune and now the beloved decel barks, bubbles, etc are gone and now I've got Backfires that sound like cannons going off. However, in it's place is a track monster!!!

I've opted out of the side exhausts for a FRPP X Pipe that will be installed this week.

Here's some of the performance I'm referring to:

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