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for those interested in the new dba T3 rotors

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these are what the new 5000 series dba rotors look like.
they arrived last week and i verified what we thought they would look like.

does not appear that they are side specific any longer. this is what they told me when i ordered them but this verifies that that is true.



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Re: for those interested in the new dba rotors

The 1 pc. DBA4000's have the same asymmetrical pattern. I have them on the rears now.
Re: for those interested in the new dba rotors

its looking roughly .100 to .125 or so from the edge of the rotor. so that should be fine.

the weight on my scale was 21.4 pounds with that plastic wrapper still. not that that weighs enough to even register.
Re: for those interested in the new dba rotors

Very nice. So they are available now? Do you have the part number? I saw a set of those on a Subie this past Friday at Sonoma Raceway.
Re: for those interested in the new dba rotors

DBA52124blks that the part number

i assume there in stock since my vendor had this set there. the rears are coming also.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
I have DBA4000's on my rears and they have that slot pattern as far as I can tell. Nit sure what T3 is......
I contacted DBA asking for the 4000 and 5000 series part numbers and their response is below. Same number as Steve posted.

"Good Afternoon Rick,

Based on what you said about the Boss302 using the same rotors as the GT500 the discs should be.

DBA42124S - 4000 T3 rotors
DBA52124BLKS – 5000 T3 rotors

DBA42114S - 4000 T3 rotors

Where are you based? Just so I can point you to a distributor and better advise availability.


Michael Pfeffer
Product Manager"
Hey Guys & Girls,

I just thought i'd clarify a few things for you all.

The photos posted by 5 DOT 0 & gremlinsteve show the new DBA T3 Slot pattern. Its uni-directional so there is no need for a left or right based on the slot pattern. It does a couple of things; firstly it's quieter than our previous designs, secondly it has a bit more initial bite & thirdly it's easier to buy 2 of the same part number than have to buy 1 left & 1 right.

Onto the question post by steveespo
steveespo said:
Do the slots cut through the edge of the disc? Looks close, can create a crack path.

The answer here is no, the outer slot does not cut through the edge and as you can see it has a significant lead in on the end of the slot so it gives maximum strength & thickness where a potential crack might form. The other thing to remember is that a crack from thermal stress (like you'd see with track or race use) will form 90 degrees to the rotational direction ie. it will crack straight down the friction face. If you see a crack form radially then its likely formed courtesy of lateral loading which is trying the bend the disc (cast iron doesn't bend "happily"), hub bearings are the big offender when you see lateral loading.

Below are the Old slot designs which cloud9 posted. These are being phased out to make way for the new T3 slot pattern.

Old 5000 Series

Old 4000 Series

Now for PeteInCT's turn.
PeteInCT said:
Ask them why they don't make the DBA52124BLKS anymore... ;D

We do still make the DBA 5000 Series Clubspec T3 rotor - DBA52124BLKS. There has been a back log here in Australia which has pushed back the production of our next batch. No firm ETA yet but if you contact DBAUSA then they'll probably be able to point you to a distributor that has some.

Anyway I hope that answers some of your questions and clarifies a few points for you all. Cheers to 5 DOT 0 for allow DBA to come on here an give some further info (not all boards are so obliging).

If you have any questions email [email protected]

[email protected]


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Welcome to our forum, many of us have used DBA products and I for one are very happy with performance and wear rates. Thanks for posting the info and keep us up to date when the new rotors and rings hit the US. Can the new T3 rings be used on our old hats? Hope so.
Steve E

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