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Ford Financing Question

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I am buying a new 2015 Ford F150 and when working with the finance manager, he gave me a couple of financing options. The OTD price on the truck is $35600. The dealer offered 72 months at 3.9%. My credit score is 810 and I know I can't get a rate of 2.7% at my credit union. When I told the dealer this he offered me 72 months at 1.9% but I had to purchase the extended service plan for $2000. finance homework He was trying to sell this to me by saying this would be the same monthly payment as if I didn't have the service plan and had the 3.9% rate so he was saying I was basically getting the warranty free. When I asked if I could have the 1.9% rate without the warranty he said they can't do that, but he did tell me I could get it and cancel it so that it would be credited back to my loan. While the warranty sounds good (5yr/100k) I feel that I could get it much cheaper through a 3rd party.

Should I purchase the warranty and cancel so that I can get the lowest rate? Or, should I not mess with ford financing at all and just go with my credit union? Thanks for all the help!
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Bill Pemberton

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My question is this is a new 2015 truck? If this an old question being brought up about a truck you bought years ago, or did you mean a 2021 truck? Just wondering because 1.9% is super low and even low for a Dealer's buy rate. The Ext. Service Contract is at a reasonable price , though if you drive normal miles a 7/100 would be a better option. Sorry , just a few notes need clarifying as most Bank or C/U rates are not this low in most places in the US.
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