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FS: combo lap/sub belt mounts for S550 and GT350

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For sale: combination lap/sub belt mounts that fit the S550 and GT350 with factory recaro seats. These mounts go between the factory rear seat mounts and the floor. They are for use with six-point harnesses sold by Oreca, Schroth, Willians and other manufacturer's that use the sit-on style sub belts. See pictures showing a red set mounted in car. If you are familiar with my sub belt mounts for the Boss's, these are very similar in use and mounting. Many of us have used this setup in the Boss's. I'm not looking for a debate on whether this belt/harness setup is good, bad or ugly! You decide if this setup works for you. Anyways, I'm in the process of making a few more sets so if interested, I can coat them in satin black or red. Any questions, feel free to ask. $310 shipped.

mounts front.jpg

mounts side 1.jpg


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Monaca Pa
I want driver side only. Black. My mustang comes out of storage April. Watson 4 point goes in then and your belt mount for S550 at same time. I don’t have recaro seats, I have stock factory seats
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FYI... due to the cost increase of metal and shipping, I had to change the price of my mounts from $285 shipped to $295 shipped for a set. Also, for those interested, I am attempting to come up with a simple lap belt mount for use with race seats only.
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@06mach1 Interested but have a few questions

Would you mind telling us a little bit more about the materials & processes you used to fabricate these?

Have you tested the strength of these belt mounts?

The mounts are made of 1/8" wall square tubing and 1/4" flat bar/plate. Some of the material is cut on a laser table. Mig welded. And no, I have not tested them. I'm sure testing would cost in the millions to do so. I've used my 30+ years in welding and fabrication experience and some advise from a Ford engineer. The weakest point is the factory seat mount bolts, which are equivalent to grade 5, which I replace with a grade 8+ (10.9) bolts that I include. You have to decide if you want to use them.

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