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Fuel Level Error

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At approximately 800 miles, when driving with a little less than a half a tank of gas, my fuel gauge dropped immediately to empty. The data center displayed that I had 4 miles to empty. I started freaking out thinking I had broken some type of fuel line. I pulled the car over and crawled up under it looking for gas or some sign of failure. I found nothing. I started driving again looking for a gas station. i put 15 dollars worth of gas in the car to hopefully get me back home. Upon cranking the car up, my fuel gauge magically returned to right above 3/4 of a tank. I have been searching for answers and found this...
So i took the car up to the local dealership's service department to get it inspected. After about an hour and a half they called me and asked me if I was serious about the problem. They stated that this was a 2012 and shouldn't have that problem They didn't believe me! After ensuring that this was a serious problem and I was very concerned about this, they started taking me seriously.
Has anyone else run into this problem? I have Boss #0021, and was wondering if this was a reoccurring problem in the early production Bosses.
That's my best guess, and I hope that's what the issue is. I'd rather have the car in the driveway with a faulty fuel module than sitting at the dealership with some techs scratchin there asses for a few days.

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