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fuel tank rubber isolators

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I had to lower my gas tank to pull the u-link out. I dont think thats normaly required. The car was a flood salvage car, so my guess is the rubber isloators were not installed after the tank was pulled to clean it out. Thats my guess as to why I didnt have the clearance I needed to pull the u-link out. Turns out there was a manufacture problem with the upgraded u-link I bought so I need to pull it and that means lowering the tank again. I should replace the rubber isloators as I bet they are missing. I can't order them locally, told discontinued. I am still looking, otherwise I will cut up some rubber mat. Has anyone ever seen them and do you know the location of the 3 isolators? I will not be pulling the driveshaft to remove the tank, just take off the straps to lower the tank and wedge something in, so it will be very hard to see anything.
Here's some pictures.

The only part for the insulators that seems to be available is 5R3Z-9A068-AA, which from the pictures on the Ford parts website appears to be the smaller and taller square foam blocks on either side of the central trio.

For money, time, and effort it would be best to use some generic material, especially since the shapes aren't complex.

There also appears to be some foam pads on additional locations, pictured below. You can see hints of this in the first picture on this post as well.

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