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Full exhaust video (on track bumper cam)

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Here's a video from HMS last weekend..

thebull said:
Here's a video from HMS last weekend..
Sounds great. I'm assuming the CO Boss that's chasing you is stock? You're really pulling him in the straights. If I can get those kinds of gains from my LTs and mid pipe going on next month I'll be in hog heaven 8)


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Awesome sound, American Racing RTW! Only improvement would be Corsa mufflers. J/K ;)
BTW does everyone notice the quality of cars that Boss Mustangs pass, Corvettes, Porsches, M3s' etc., we can't all be Mario Andretti, props to the Ford Mustang development team and Ford Racing for giving us a world class car to fly the Blue Oval with.
That sounds AWESOME. I fixed the video link for you.
Thanks. I only got passed 3 times all weekend. A maclaren, a miata(don't laugh he was an instructor and I wanted to follow him), an a s2000.

The maclaren went by like I was standing still.

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