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Full Stainless 3" Exhaust w/Side-pipes pics

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Finally got around to photo'ing my exhaust for folks to see. Here is the parts list, enjoy:

Full longtube, off-road, 3" stainless steel exhaust system with controllable sound and replaceable mufflers (Kooks over-axle mufflers are welded so those weren't used here)
  • Over-axles
  • Side pipes
  • Long tubes
  • Off-road H-pipe
  • Header Wrap
  • Mufflers
  • Header Paint
  • QTP Electric Cutouts







QTP Electric exhaust cutouts. A must have for no-cat, 3" longtubes with side pipes. You can control the opening amount and get just the right sound.
Also, good for tracks that have noise restrictions.





Spray painted my muffler tips with black high-temp exhaust paint for a matte black finish. I like it.


The wide-open sound can be heard in this dyno pull. Everyone had to wear ears. However, this was with sides open and muffler deletes.


steveespo said:
Nice job Darren. See you at VIR for Superfest Memorial Day weekend?

Definitely! Look forward to it. Who's hosting that event by the way?


I had it dyno'd on a superflow which uses a vastly different metric than a dynojet (which I am scheduling to get done soon). My tuner computed the BHP to be over 500, so in the range of 50-60hp. I will collate the dyno charts and post them after I get the dynojet one done.


CaliMR said:
Did you have any issues with fitment on the side pipes? I remember a thread here about how they didn't fit right.

Yeah, there was some minor fitment issues with the side pipes. I think they have a slight design flaw, but it wasn't a hard fix. I just mounted them under the rocker first and then got the bolts through them on the h-pipe and ratcheted them into alignment. Also had to weld a tiny strip of steel to close the mount bracket bolt hole on the side pipe so it wouldn't slip out.

However, my ground clearance underneath the side pipes is now only 3". Gotta make sure my bump stops don't overshoot that mark.

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