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General track key question

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Bay Area
I have my track key installed and its tuned for the stock size tires. My question is can I have my local dealer retune it for the 18's I have or do I need to do a complete download of a new track key?

Yep. There is a specific field in the PCM Trackey calibration menu for tire diameter, which a dealer can access and change to the actual tire diameter you are running (stock tire dia is 26.7"). No need to reflash TK. Not sure if it covers different front/rear diameters, or only accepts a single value.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
I was looking over the tech's shoulder during the install and I saw a dropdown box with lots of tire sizes, but don't recall there being a tire diameter field like on a ProCal.

Either way, you don't need to do it, but your odometer and speedo will be a little off.
Boss1601 said:
Ford answer is at the top of page 11

That's great info. It's a shame the car's owner can't make those adjustments with out taking the car to a dealer. I'd love put 100 octane in at the track and tell the computer that it has 100 octane. I use 28" tire at the drags, but don't drive them daily. There again, I wish I could make that small adjutment with out taking it to the dealer.

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