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gloves on track attack

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Guys whilst i was thumbing through my owners pack I cam across a real life size card shaped in boss gloves that say "take this to track attack to exchange them for your real driving gloves

My question is, do you have too?

Or do TA give them to you anyway?

Im flying to Seattle tomorrow to start our 2 week vacation before heading down to Utah for the 6th



Relapsed Turbo Addict
I don't believe it's 100% necessary...but why not? They will outfit us with everything we need with the exception of shoes from what I've read. I'm bringing my own helmet and gloves. I'll be there on the 6th as I'll see you there!
Your SWAG package will include the BTA piston trophy, a tee shirt, and driving gloves. When I went, they were out of tee shirts and gloves. They promised to mail both to me; I have received the tee shirt, but not the gloves (I attended in late April 2013).
They didn't even ask for the card when I attended. They were out of the gloves but promised to mail me a pair.
I went in late April and they were out of the tshirts and gloves. Received the tshirt a week later in the mail, but still waiting on the gloves.
Don't worry about bringing the voucher for the gloves. I just went on May14th and they were still out of them. They take down your address and mail them to you when they get them in, but it sounds like there is a wait. I'm not sure about your situation since you live in the UK?
Fiddler49 said:
Was there early April and still waiting on gloves. At least I'm not the only one... :'(

Same deal, still waiting for my gloves. My second day plaque had my name spelled wrong and have already received the corrected picture, but no gloves. The instructors were top notch, but still disappointed with the inconsistent rest of the experience.
I went last Oct, received piston trophy (fed exed it to myself Tooele branch), gloves (cardboard voucher not needed) and T-shirt at the end of Track Attack day. The gloves I received aren't like the card board cut out with Boos 302 on them, did anyone get some like those.
the whole track attack was a great experience though!
the only negative I had was the T-shirt they gave was either a small or medium. then you could buy a XL or large from store where they had them in the back room. I found this out by asking about them the day before and was a little shocked when they said small or medium in classroom ceremony. I just bought one and went on my way with a smile.
1fastang said:
The gloves I received aren't like the card board cut out with Boos 302 on them, did anyone get some like those.
the whole track attack was a great experience though!

Ditto, the gloves I received were just off the shelf G-Force gloves and not the "track attack" gloves shown in the picture.

Had a great time otherwise, wish I could do it all again!
I went May 5th, not received gloves yet.

The first day we got black Track Attack shirts all sizes available.
The second day got a super cool black Ford Racing School shirt, all sizes were also available that day also.
Wish the second day in the FR500 we got more track time though.

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