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GT350 Caster Camber Plates

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Hello :)

I want to buy caster camber plates for my GT350 (2016) so I can adjust the camber for track days.

Which ones can you guys recommend for me?
Which ones are the best? Or are there always advantages and disadvantages depending on the model?

If this plays a role, I have Eibach Pro Kit springs installed.

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about camber plates etc.. :idontknow:
Thank you for the help.
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I like to support our sponsors, and we have some great ones. I put Vorshlag CC plates on my '15 PP
They're extremely well made and easy to install and adjust. Terry Fair has done extensive testing with the s550 and Jason McDaniel there has been a HUGE help.
I also have Eibach Pro's and also Eibach sway bars. I could not be happier with the set up.
Another plus is when I switch to coilover's I can modify the Vorshlags instead of having to change them out. I hope this helps.

Bill Pemberton

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I second MachUno's thoughts, Vorshlag has a very well constructed piece that most folks seem to get a bit more camber out of than some of the competition. Pricier than some, but it is apparent in the build quality and function, imho. Good luck ,as Stangs ( all years ) benefit from some aggressive camber, especially up front.

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