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  1. PatriotGT350

    GT350 Motor Swap

    Valves and springs on the driver side bank successfully relocated themselves into the oil pan. Other parts have joined them. Warranty expired less than two months ago and now I’m faced with the dilemma of replacing my motor out of pocket.A new voodoo is just too expensive, so I’m thinking...
  2. Keags5.2

    GT350 Build Guesses

    Waiting on my new engine to show up and looking for guesses on horsepower numbers.Build is still N/A 5.2l FPC platform12.8:1 Compression Frankenstein Ported Heads Longtube Catless Headers JLT intake 1050x Injectors One Ethanol e85R Lund TuneOnce break in is through I'll post dyno numbers.
  3. Keags5.2

    Engine Break-In

    I've come to the conclusion that a proper break-in involves putting the motor under load withing the first 10 minutes of start-up. From everything I've read it seems this comes with the most success and least side effects (glazing from idling too long or revving without the car under load)...
  4. Keags5.2

    GT350 Motor/Trans Mount issue?

    Had to replace my transmission extension housing recently (long story). To do this I had to remove the trans brace and the remove the driveshaft in order to lower the rear of the trans to get it low enough. Had to also disconnect the shift linkage and shifter arm. After i got everything together...
  5. DaKonquerer

    GT350 Front Caliper Stuck on Studs

    Hey Everybody,I've 2017 GT350 that I semi-regularly track. I installed the Caliperfexion Steel Caliper Studs about three years ago. Over time as I have changed pads for the events and then back to the street use, I have noticed that the caliper does not slide off the studs and onto the stud...
  6. GT-54

    GT350 Caster Camber Plates

    Hello :)I want to buy caster camber plates for my GT350 (2016) so I can adjust the camber for track days.Which ones can you guys recommend for me? Which ones are the best? Or are there always advantages and disadvantages depending on the model?If this plays a role, I have Eibach Pro Kit...
  7. S550 GT350 issues - wrench warning light

    Hello! I recently purchased a 2018 GT350 with 17k miles. The car has been an absolute blast but I recently experienced a weird issue where the wrench warning light came on, followed by a hill assist unavailable message. This happened at highway speeds after roughly 35 mins of driving.The...
  8. v8 snake

    Gt350 charging problem… need help

    Hello! I have a 2018 gt350 with 20k mi So I got a charging system service now error, battery won’t charge, so I replaced it. Then the voltage won’t go above 14 v and drop to 13 when throttle hard. So I replaced alternator After reset bms, voltage is constant between 13.9 and 14.1 but I still got...
  9. TeamMOTU

    GT350 TPMS Install

    GT350 TPMS install. Torque T-10 screw to 12 inch lbs. Torque TPMS nut to 35 inch lbs. keep sensor parallel to wheel barrel.
  10. GT-54

    Fuel Pump Order help

    HelloI need to buy a new fuel pump for the GT350. What parts do I need to order? Can someone help me ? :)Is there a new version of the pump?(Photo Rockauto)
  11. OPMustang Tim

    Trackspec GT350 Hood Louver

    This kit includes GT4 Style Center vent and GT4 Style Side Vents. Available as a full 3 piece kit, center vent only, side vents only. These vents REQUIRE hood cutting and drilling. Optimized louver design to maximize extraction flow velocities within a vehicle in motion Reduces under hood...
  12. 5.2 liters of democracy

    WTB: GT350r Rear Seat Delete

    I know this is a long shot, but I'm hoping someone may have one of these up for grabs or knows someone that does. I'm in California and willing to drive up to 400 miles to snag one of these. Otherwise I'll need to have it shipped.Thanks, Shane
  13. Fresh Apex SM-10 wheels GT350 spec for sale

    I recently purchased a great set of Apex Wheels for my 2017 GT350. I bought SM-10 in 19x11.5 56mm offset for the rear and 19x11 26mm offset for the front. I had them mounted and drove on them for a couple days but my plans for the car have changed. I am selling the car now and they do not want...
  14. 2016 GT350 Track Pack For Sale by Original Owner - 3,945 miles

    Oxford White w/ Blue over the top stripes. Options - Track Pack, 36,000 mile Ford extended warranty through 1-30-2022 The Track Package has Recaro Seats, MagneRide adjustable shocks, and heavy-duty front springs as well as coolers for the engine oil, transmission, and differential; a...
  15. Tequestashelby

    What type of garage lift do you use

    i am new here and new to tracking my car. I have a 2018 GT350 and just started on my garage addition. Was wondering about the differences in 2 post 4 post and scissors lifts. My GT350 will be a partial daily driver as well as a track car. Because of this I want to be able to swap out tires and...
  16. TeamMOTU

    GT350 Square Apex SM-10 11.5” setup

    I bought 4 Apex SM-10 11.5” wheels for the GT350 for the purpose of running square Hoosier R7’s 315/30x19 (which I run a lot on other wheels). Trying save $$ and get more sessions out of each set of R7’s by rotating of course. I haven’t run this setup yet, but have test fitted them in the...
  17. Bill Pemberton

    Crazy Hawaiian Races his GT 350 at Tracks all over the Continental US !!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, now that I have your attention, this is probably one of the coolest " Bucket List ," stories you will ever hear? While racing at Pueblo Motorsports Park this past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Ford Trackrat by the name of Bob Tremain. Now, nothing unusual about running...
  18. CompetitionMotorsport

    New S550/GT350/GT500 Roll Bar from Competition Motorsport

    Competition Motorsport would like to introduce our newest roll bar product: the CMS Performance Roll Bar for the Mustang S550, Shelby GT350 and GT500. It is a bolt-in four-point roll bar made from Docol R8, a modern ultra-high-strength steel that surpasses 4130 CrMo in every respect. It is fully...
  19. Looking For Opinions For My Next Mustang

    Hello everyone! Been lurking for a while and decided to join up finally. I'm looking to possibly get into a new Mustang in the next few months and wanted to get your opinions on which route would be a good way to go for both enjoyment and my wallet.I've currently got a '14 GT with 33,400...
  20. ToyKart

    Track Tires Recommendation

    Looking for feedbacks and recommendations.I am setting up my '17 GT350 to run with the N4SW 6GR 19x11 with 50mm Spacers in the front and ARP 3" studs to give me a rotatable square setup. I am trying to decide on the Michelin PSC2 305/30ZR19 ($350 each) or the Nitto NT01 305/30R19 ($420 each)...
  21. Bill Pemberton

    The Lost Color ............

    Or you could say the " Last " time for Grabber Blue, as it will be lost to buyers in 2018. We have a GT350 in this legendary color and feel free to give me a ring if this is something you would love to see in your driveway?Just call my cell ( 402-677-5864 ), anytime, or drop me an email...
  22. Wingrider

    First* 20" Carbon Fiber production wheels...

    * (Braided)From Porsche. They look amazing on the inside, A shame tires (tyres) hide the work. Wonder how they compare strength wise-
  23. GT350 Tremec TR3160 Transmission

    GT350 Tremec TR3160 transmission out of 2016 tech pack. Transmission has ~5620 miles on it. Excellent condition; never been tracked and was not beat on. I'm selling because I upgraded to transmission that had cooler. Will bolt to a coyote.Looking for $2700 but will entertain reasonable offers...
  24. Don in Virginia

    2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 w/Tremec Magnum XL, Cobra Jet Intake, Tiger Racing Hood and more!

    I am selling my 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 for $33,500 firm. Almost $20K has been spent on this car in upgrades to get it where it is today. The goal was to make a Boss 302 that was better than a Shelby GT350. To do this, I looked to the Boss 302 Laguna Seca and Boss 302S race cars for...
  25. GT350 suspension mods?

    Wondering what suspension mods you guys are running. I have a bias to run as close to stock as possible. Will be installing camber plates to run FP alignment specs.I usually run intermediate/advance HPDE.Thanks in advance.