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GT350R Rear Wing

ITLRUN said:
Any body priced this wing yet?

FR3Z 6344210 CA Cost $7,369.59 / List $12,282.65

Yeah that's crazy. Hopefully Ford Performance adds it to their catalog.

Welcome to BMO.
So now that we know the R wing is going to be stupid expensive what other options are there that provide similar downforce to the R wing? After looking around I see some interesting looking wings on the Mercedes SLS Black Edition and the new GT3.




The newest Steeda wing has a similar design.


I know a couple of member race cars use the APR wing and it looks like they make nice stuff. My concern is this is too boy racer looking. Thoughts?

The price on those almost has to come down after release. Otherwise there's going to be some totaled GT350R's with somewhat minimal rear collision damage. That wing would be more costly than an accident involving airbag deployment!

I also can't see IMSA teams wanting to pay $300 for a bumper cover, $500 for a decklid, and $7000-$12000 for a wing after backing into the fence...


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
That is called a "3D" wing design, it is appropriate for applications where the wing is placed well below the roofline of the vehicle.

Performance comparison/benefit no real data one type vs. the other.
A little. Drew's comments have been spot on. It is most important to get the flow right under the spoiler. It is hard to compare numbers below the roofline without knowing how clean the flow is along the trunk lid and how high the turbulence layer is at different speeds.
Good old Kamm spoilers.. not very aero but they make a ton of downforce...Back in the day we did some testing with one on an econo mod at a 1/4 mile track, the bigger it was the less brakes you need to slow the car down (lolol), but you'd better have a motor to haul it down the straight. We were limited to zero spoiler height to 6 inch, and that 6 incher was a parachute, but it stuck like crazy and loosened up the front end, which wasn't a bad deal since we had to use a stock GM metric front clip and had a lot of engine weight. It all just comes down to balance, I would enforce.. again.. that there isn't a modern muscle car out there that has not seen a wind tunnel so instead of reinventing the wheel I'd use the factory spoiler/splitter combo whenever possible.

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