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Harrys Lap Timer

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I just downloaded Harrys Lap Timer on my I Phone. Has anyone used it and if so:

1. Is it accurate?
2. Which tom tom device did you use to mount it so it would get good video?

I have an aim solo and a go pro camera but this looks like a simple soultion for some fun video at DE.


PS: post video and data if you have any.
I have it on my iP4 and finally have it figured out. After you shoot your video on track and before you download the video you need to add the telemetry to the video file, It doesn't add it automatically. Anyway hopefully some experts will chime in with some tips. I'm using these to mount my phone:
i have Harrys lap timer .I could not for the life of me figure out how to transfer the data over.There is a better one that I found that does it as you video ,so no transferring data.Video Pro by Optrix.
I use the RAM mount for iPhone 4 – part number RAP-B-166-2-AP9U. I bought it from the RAM website ( It was $22.68 plus about $10 shipping.

There is a link to some good video in the first post in this thread by nota4re:

I get some bad wind noise in my recordings even at relatively low speed. Anyone have any tips on improving the audio quality?
Position of the camera makes a big difference on wind noise, but I have not found a single place in any of my cars that was acceptable noise wise with the windows down and using a 1st gen go pro. I usually just edit out the sound.

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