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Has Everyone Been Checking The ....

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... strut to spindle mounting bolt torque? If so has anyone found them to be loose? I don't know if the new fine thread bolts have made this a non-issue now but still might be a good idea to check if tracking the car.
I check them before every track day when swapping rotors and pads. I also check my front LCA bolts. I had the one on the driver's side back about halfway out on my GT500 :eek: Fortunately I caught it while swapping rotors and pads. We torqued it down and next time I checked before the next track event, it had backed out again! I swapped to new bolts and it never happened again. I check them every time though now. Freaked me out. Fortunately it's a very long bolt and would have to back out a looong way to let completely let go.
2012YellowBoss said:
Being lazy - what are the torque numbers on the LCA's. I have not checked them yet but will before this weekend.
I just do a visual inspection. They come with loctite on the bolts, so if you torque them and move them, you'll loosen the loctite. That said, it's 129 ft/lbs..

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