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S197 3V Q: Accessing the OBD-II to see if the vehicle has been abused?

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I am interested in getting another 2012 Boss 302 and want to know what I can find out about how the car was driven from the OBD-II. I read one thread on another website that said if the vehicle has accessible data logs in its infotainment or instrument cluster User Interface, you may be able to find out how the car was driven.

Q1: Does a 2012 Boss allow for owners to check these data logs? I sold my first Boss about 9 years ago so I don't have a car to test this on.

Q2: How can I verify whether the engine management system has been tampered with? I talked to a guy last week that has a 2012 with the Track Key, and apparently 2 owners ago, that previous owner tampered with the factory settings which cause the Track Key not to work, among other things.

My sole interest is in the vehicle computer system, as I am well aware of other obvious physical signs that the car may have been punished and/or driven hard (e.g. suspension mods, excessive brake wear, etc.).


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