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Working on car that has a torque arm

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This is my first solid rear axle car so when working on a car that has a Cortex torque arm (I didn’t install it) instead of the usual rear upper control arm is there anything I need to be aware of.

The torque arm would have to be removed to get to the driveshaft and transmission.
Can I just jack the car up on the 4 axle stands as normal then support the rear axle on another 2 axle stands before removing the torque arm?
is there anything else I need to consider
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What torque arm do you have? If it's anything like my Cortex arm I don't think you even need to support the axle, it will just hang in the full droop position. If you're trying to gain access to the trans & drive shaft I think you can just remove the forward torque arm mount and rotate the arm down enough for access. Exhaust may be in the way, if so the arm can be removed completely.
You kind of have to keep an eye on any preload on the torque arm when the car is jacked up. Of course you need to support the body on jack stands when you are playing with the arm, then put a floor jack under the diff so you can control the arm under load. Usually you can work around the arm but a few have their forward mount incorporated into the trans mount like the GM F bodies.

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