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Late S197 Front Control Arms...CAM-C car

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Thanks for that. I may just learn from the OP and just move past the theoretical and right into the practical.

Coincidentally it was looking at the MM setup that was driving my interest in front roll center and bumpsteer. I mean how can you drop a car almost 2 inches and not create a bunch of geometry problems? Somehow it manages to work, even for the detail oriented like the op of that thread.
I think that when you start throwing vehicle movement into the deal, the whole thing becomes so dynamic that you just resort back to " I just need to make it work"..


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I went back and looked. I am running Prothane bushings not Energy Suspension. Does anyone know if the two materials differ? I have not had any problems and they have not come loose yet. How much difference in feel is there between urethane and delrin? I am thinking about trying it next.
Delrin bushings are very tough as long as they are greased. Delrin is stiffer or harder than poly bushings, no deflection. The stuff is machinable. Its probably the stiffest you can do without going to aluminum or brass.


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As others have mentioned, the stock 11-14 arms with the OEM bushings & ball joint or the Boss 302s with competition bushing kit are the way to go. The way the front K-member and arm setup works on these cars is tricky from a load standpoint. Create something too rigid and it will bend the OEM K-member. Create something not strong enough and it will break the control arm (used to be a frequent occurrence with the BMR arms.) In addition to this, there's the added complexity that others noted of added vibration causing problems with the factory EPAS.

There is a reason that many of the serious road course companies such as ourselves and MM move to a fabricated K-member when swapping to a different FLCA design. We have FLCA's that work on our K-member for both strut style and SLA style designs. Unfortunately this doesn't solve the problem for customers looking to retain the factory K-member.

With that said, we have something in the works that we feel like is sorely needed for this community given the increasing level of difficulty in finding Boss 302 S/R arms. Stay tuned!

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