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Hotchkis LCA vs BMR Poly bushing LCA

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Hi guys, I'm looking at buying a set of LCA's for my car to get rid of the dreaded wheel hop, and I have been looking at American Muscle and I believe I've narrowed it down to these two. Any input from people that have these would be greatly appreciated as they both hit roughly the same price bracket. The links are as follows: BMR Hotchkis Thanks again guys.
Not to open up more more possibilities, however you could also get the FRPP LCA's, if you call Tousley which is now Bear Creek Ford I believe and ask for Steve he gives 10% above cost on all FRPP and OEM parts. Also Hypermotive sells the same parts on AM, the Hotchkis is more expensive but the BMR isn't. He also has a 10% off coupon, 10off4u which seems to work for all the parts.

I am sure no matter which one you get it will be significantly better than stock. Only reason I personally went with the Whiteline LCA's is because they were a good price, reputable company, and I liked the fact that I could adjust them should I need to.
Thanks for the info, I'm pretty sure I will end up with the Hotchkis if everything remains the equal between the two. I also like the Whiteline but they are a bit pricey for me. If anybody else has any ideas, I am willing to listen.

Thanks again.
I've got the Hotchkis Sport Springs and LCA's and the Whiteline Relocation brackets.

I saw a couple of Bosses with the Hotchkis and really liked the stance. I was concerned about ride quality before install.

I'm completely satisfied with this setup. Car actually rides much better now.


Having more fun than should be my Boss
I've got Hotchkis parts on my Boss...LCA's, Springs and more. I used BMR lowering brackets to have the correct LCA geometry. I have to say that I have been more than satisfied with my suspension upgrades. I've been able to dial in my suspension so that the car responds to my liking.

The Boss is a great car out of the box......with some simple upgrades ( even just dampers, springs and adjustable sway bars ) these things handle amazingly well for heavy vehicles with live rear axles.

Good Luck,

Finally decided to pull the pin and order the Hotchkis as I had to order the McLeod SS clutch line and a CJ Pulse ring because my transmission is being torn out as we speak to find out what has went wrong inside so I figure while they are in there I may as well get them to put a few parts in. Now I have the winter to stock pile and install a few parts, I am sure no matter what I buy it will be better than the factory setup. Thanks again to all that have replied.

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