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How do I buy a Track Key for my 2012 Boss?

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I bought my Boss in Houston however live in New Orleans. I have called several dealers in the area and have received little help. The most recent told me to buy it on line then set up an appointment to have it installed.

I have looked online, as well on the Ford Racing Parts website. None will sell the Key. Ford site lists "Where to Buy", however the dealer search does not show any in the southern LA area.

Am I missing something? Any advice would be appreciated.


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What you are buying is the license and code from Ford. When you receive your kit check to be sure it has the latest instructions. If you go to Ford TracKey they have more info and the links to download the latest instructions for you and for the dealer. I would also suggest you check TracKey info here at BMO. Just type "TracKey" into the search box at the top of the page.

This link will get you started. Don't let the horror stories scare you. The first folks that bought the TracKey helped Ford to find the issues and, as far as I know, got them corrected. I just had mine done and it was issue free. Big issue now is to make sure whomever you have do the install has done more than one before yours. Maybe someone here can post a dealer that did a good install.

Good luck and enjoy. First thing I noticed is that the throttle response is much quicker.


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Plinker said:
What happened to the original track key,All cars com with 2 keys.

Correct. All, do come with both a silver and Red key. The red key is not Programed and therefore acts as a standard key until programed.

Throttle response, both on acceleration and deceleration were the most noticeable with the red key, for me.
Thanks for all of the advice. Just ordered one from, Levittown Ford Super Center. Now I need to find a good dealer in the NOLA area that can install it correctly.


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Docgab said:
Thanks for all of the advice. Just ordered one from, Levittown Ford Super Center. Now I need to find a good dealer in the NOLA area that can install it correctly.

If you can't find an experienced dealer, print off a copy of both the customer instructions and dealer instructions and take them to any dealer and they should be able to figure em out.

The instructions are available here: (See "Dealer Links" box at right)
Also make sure they've installed that "dealer patch" shown in that same box--that is for their IDS system/computer.

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