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How many miles is new

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I am going to pickup my new Grabber blue boss on tuesday. I intend on inspecting it and one of the things I was wondering is what is normal for miles on a new Boss. How many miles was on your car when you picked it up? Maddog
At the dealership where I worked, we had a 10-mile course laid out for the technicians to drive as part of new car prep. Various road conditions and speeds to check for rattles, wind noise, tire balance, etc. As a result, most of our new cars had around 12 miles on them when they hit the lot.
According to Ford, 10% of every new Mustang gets an off the line inspection in which they drive it for approximately 25 miles. I don't remember what it was called, but I do remember specifically asking him if it applies to each Mustang and he assured me it applies to the Boss's and GT500's as well. With that being the case, I think under 50 miles should be acceptable.


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29 on mine. Raised an eyebrow when I saw that but it hasn't burned a drop of oil in 3700 miles, so I will be happy that perhaps it was 'broken in' right from the factory. Pulls hard and strong, no complaints. Love my Boss a bit more every day.
31 and change right off the car carrier. I suspect mine was part of the 10% sampling. Mine is just like Ace's... Perfect!
No matter how many miles it has on it, dealers will always tell you that as long as the car has not been titled, it is still considered new. ::) If it has any more than 30 miles on it, that is more than I would accept. For a Boss though it should be less than 10 or 20 since the dealers don't let people test drive those. If I order a car I only expect to see a few miles on it tops.
The only reason mine had 3 miles is because I told the dealer I didn't want the car driven , I took pictures on the car carrier , had them do the track key down load , I took delivery with all the stickers on the car , (as it came off the car carrier). My 1986 mustang 5.0l lx coupe was delevered , my salesman called , I went down to check out my new ride , when I arrived I saw my new car with 4 salesman in it going sideways with the tires smoking out of the dealership , talk about pissed , thats why I have had "issues" with car dealerships !


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Had about 6.4 miles on my car when I picked it up. With this kind of car...I'd be very leary about anything over 20-30 miles. I'd be checking the rear wheel wells for spent tire. :-\

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