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How many miles on your boss? and how hard do you drive it?

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1400 miles, owned it for almost two months. I drive it hard mostly once a month (autocrosses) Doing my first coupla road courses in the fall. So I guess I drive it moderate for a Boss. ;D
today is exactly two months that I've had my '13, 3800 miles, not been to a road course yet, but I drive it hard with many powershifts. ;D


2013 SBY #0750
Almost 1100 miles on it. Had it since June 21. Changed the oil a couple days ago.Mostly moderate driving, took it to 7000 rpm a few times.Nice flawless shifting. Nothing over 110 mph......yet
Took mine on a grueling cross country road trip (RI to WA) in 49 hours. 5700 miles on it now. Averaged 23 miles per gallon doing between 70 and 80mph the whole way. 3 weeks until I do it all over again WA to RI.
Picked mine up June 11th. 289 miles on it so far. It only comes out on the weekends when there is no chance of rain. I have not really gotten on it yet. My last "weekender" was a 2004 SVT Cobra that I only put about 1200 miles a year on the Boss will be around the same.


2012 PW #2558
Got my 2012 Perf Wht on 5/12/12 - 391 miles - used mostly on weekends, still breaking it in. This car is a beast!!! Now that I finally removed the side baffles, the miles will be ticking off quite a bit more. This car is as much fun to drive slow as it is fast - people just stare.
8500 miles so far. I have used her for drag racing, road track racing and even drove her in the 125 mph class at the 90 mile open road race at the Silver State Challenge in Nv. this last May. This is a great all around car, does everything well and is always fun to drive.
I'm sitting with around 12,100 miles on it and enjoy every mile that gets put on! Here's what I've done since owning it last August.....

-Road Course
-Car Shows
-Drag Strip
-Leisurely drives
-Summer trip

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