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How many miles on your boss? and how hard do you drive it?

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Relapsed Turbo Addict
Purchased 8/24/12

928 miles on it so far (in one week) mainly from the drive home from the LA dealership.
Will be tracking and autocrossing mainly, won't be used as a daily driver.

So far have been driving her like a bat out of hell. ;D
Bought it August 2011, 10,500 miles. I have about 12 autocrosses and lots of canyon miles on it. I feel like I'm bleeding the brakes every couple weeks. Brake ducts coming soon.

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
Exp. Type
Time Attack
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20+ Years
Blair, Nebraska
Bought used in March with 9600 miles on the beast. Pushing 13,000 miles now and have 3 autocrosses and 2 track days -- just open track time running on the Pirellis on a Friday afternoon.

But, will get three fun days of autocrossing, track time and drags the 21-23rd of this month in Hastings, Ne. Ran enough at the track to realize when the gas gauge is hovering around a 1/4 tank, time to get fuel! Mustang/Ford Roundup
400 after 30 days of ownership. Daily driver. Working towards 1000 mile break in as there is no possible way to experience the car's capabilities on public roads without the risk of losing it for a few weeks.

I plan on a few open track days per year and also some 1/8 and 1/4 mile runs up in NH. Not looking forward to tire and brake pad replacements. Tire rack had the OEM tires at ~1300 per set. Obviously, I will research alternatives, but still won't be cheap.


LostPony said:
I've had mine 4 months and 3 days, and I have over 10,100 miles on it. I also have about a dozen track sessions on her. Not days, just sessions.
thats 82 miles a day everyday for 123 days................when do you sleep ? LOL

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