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How much did you spend on products last month? ... and to build your collection?

Im just curious, Im rebuilding my collection with more quality products and I have spent more than I thought after looking at my receipts... But I just want to make sure I have the best. Just curious what everyone else has spent. I do car shows on the weekend and an occasional cruse -ins during the week. I just calculated alittle over $500 for last month and I just wash my car 2-3 times a week. ( those sales always get me! lol​ :p)


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This past month I have spent over 4k on my car. I dare not add it all up since I bought the car I know it would be over the 10k mark for sure. I like to go drag racing/car shows/cruise ins. So my car has a mix of mods some apperance some go fast etc. On a normal month I spend around 500-750 a month on the car. I wash my car 4-7 times a week. I wax it every 2 weeks. I wipe it down with detail spray almost daily as well. I polish out the paint every 6 months or so. I clean the underside of the car and pull out the fenderwells and clean behind them once every two months.

I spend a lot of money on the car but its better then doing drugs lol
ArizonaGT said:
I spent a number between $5-10K in the past two months to turn my car into a race car...and that's not counting the purchase of a truck and trailer.

What do I win?

You get a punch in the head for adding it up! Never add up your racing expenses!


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cosm3os said:
You get a punch in the head for adding it up! Never add up your racing expenses!

Good point. It the same as that rule that you never tell the other half if you win money at the casino.
Since this is under Detaling I am going to assume you mean just on car care products and not mods/racing items. This past month was particularly high for me as I upgraded to a Flex 3401 from my trusty Porter Cable, so that alone popped me for $300. I also invested in a ton of new pads, finishing polish and compound. I'm just over $400. Luckily I sold both PC's I had in the garage so that covered half my costs.

I bought a new daily driver last week (03 Ranger in Sonic Blue) and the paint was horrendous...swirls out the wazoo. I'm too OCD to drive anything that looks like poop so I spent 7 hours last Friday doing the three stage polish on it and it looks like new now. Almost makes the back pain and cash outlay worth it lol.

I can say now that the Flex does make the job easier and is a big step up in power from the PC.


Kerry, San Diego
I spent whatever the water company charged me to wash the car.

I am a lousy consumer when it comes to supporting vendors selling detailing products.
Just turned 40 a few days ago so I used some birthday cash to take the plunge and get the Rupes and a few pads. It was 15% off at and free shipping so I was pretty happy about that. I think this is just the beginning!

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