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How much time have you spent on BMO ?

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Big fat tires and everything !
So I was messing around with my profile the other night. I came across a record of my time spent on BMO and when. Rather NSA ish, but OK. Its under stats on your profile. Looks like I have spent 3 days 6 hours and 8 minutes. Wow, good thing I'm divorced. It shows a graph of when you go on as well. Got me thinking, it would be fun to compare who has the most time. (I think Rick will win this)
*A-How much time is in your graph ?
*B-When do I go on BMO ?

I will start ,
A, 3 days 6 hours and 8 minutes.
B, In the morning with my coffee before work, at home at night before dinner and usually before bed , weekends when I stop for a break.
A. 13-days, 8-hours, 50-minutes

B. morning check before work, after work, and off and on during the early evening. Weekends both morning and night. Lots of good information here!
Well from my perspective none of you are here enough. ;D

On weekdays I'm on mostly in the evening although I refresh my screen from my phone throughout the day if I want email updates on threads I'm following.

More stats can be found at the bottom of the home page and here's the link.
2 days, 19 hours and 28 minutes. Mostly from 7-9 PM after work but also 1-2 AM when I have a day off and can't sleep.

That seems like a lot since I don't post very much. As a rule, this forum has a very knowledgeable, technical and experienced membership and I am none of those things when it comes to the Boss.
13 hours 18 minutes....Mainly late at night and early in the morning..I am usually on during breaks at work and when I get off work in the morning.
302BOB said:
I've got a little over 25 days...more than I thought.....Rick, spend more time with the kids. ;D
LOL, trust me not all of that time has been spent in front of the computer. Every time you visit BMO the system shows you active for 30 minutes. BTW my son helps me with the forums.

roadhouse said:
Wow, 14 days. That's a little depressing... lol
That is, you need to spend more time here. ;D

Domestic Product

Big fat tires and everything !
Nice work people! I'm feeling a little inadequate with my time on here, guess I need to step it up. Seeing the time spent for me did make me pause, but after thinking about why am I on here. I feel good about it, better then sitting in front of the TV when you have down time. Why I'm on here is I love cars and this site has a extra high quality of people and knowledge. I have several other car sites in my favorites but I just do not go there, not the same.
So Rick with your NSA like powers can you tell us the total time spent on site for all from day one?

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