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How to lift your car from the jack points...

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After seeing that other weird jack video, I thought I'd post how I lift up my car.

I've read about 1000 posts where people debate the safest points from which to lift the car. The only Ford-recommended points are the pinch welds where the emergency jack goes.

But how do you get your jack stand where the jack needs to go?

With some wood, and four of these:


The idea is to get about 6 inches of wood under each tire so you can fit the jack stands under the pinch welds.




As a warning, you've got to be careful if you lift in the wrong order. Remember that the front wheels will roll, and as you can see I don't have wheel chocks on mine. I should.

Here's my process: Parking brake on, raise the rear tires up on blocks, then raise the front onto blocks, then installing all four jackstands and gently lift the car off of the blocks.

These things were only like $30 from tractor supply company. I bought one locally and got three more shipped for $108.

Seemed like a fair price to be able to lift your car from the proper lift points.



In my opinion that lift stand has too small of a contact point for the pinch weld. Jacking the S197 chassis is not as difficult as most are making it out to be.

I use a 2x4x10" on top of my race jack pad, jack the front at the pinch weld points, set the jack stands under the subframe with 2x4x10" on top of the stands, jack the rear at the diff, then place stands with 2x4x10" on top at the pinch welds.

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